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Master’s Sun finished its run last week and I’m surely missing Joong-won and Gong-shil and their mirthful as well as romantic moments. So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin infused their characters with such an irresistible luminosity that we are still enthralled by their magic. To look on the brighter side, the next drama Heirs is starting tomorrow and I was madly waiting for it right from the day it was announced, even more than Master’s Sun. The leads definitely have strong shoes to fill in terms of chemistry. This is my last post (oh it feels so sad when I place the word last with Master’s Sun) on the OST. The third song which I like is You and I by Hong Dae Kwang and it was used from beginning to end of the series: mostly for Seo In Guk scenes but there were a few instances when it was used for the OTP. The song has a warm and romantic vibe to it which makes it melodious. It has that fervour of young romance and the tune comes with a very soft feel.

Check out the embedded MV for the song and get ready for the big premiere of Heirs. My excitement is as high as a kite but I’m keeping the expectations low.

 You and I by Hong Dae Kwang: