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Full House and Sweet 18 have two things in common: both the shows aired in 2004 and both of them dealt with Marriage Of Convenience. But the treatment was as different as night and day. The former came a cropper if we talk about sexual tension or simply romance, with only dealing with cuteness and bickering (a lot!!). It was incredulous to see two people not showing any sign of attraction except jealousy or caring/ cleaning(!). Well, I liked Full House even when there was so much untapped potential in the contract marriage plot, with leads progressing by fits and starts until at last I didn’t even understand why they got separated. Anyway, Sweet 18 was a pleasant surprise as it had premium approach in its arranged marriage set up. The couple had this perfect balance of arguments and romance. Lee Dong Gun greatly contributed for the warmth in that couple and now when I see him in the stills of forthcoming Marry Him If You Dare, I feel that he is going to have a terrific chemistry with leading lady Yoon Eun Hye as she always has a great comfortable rapport with all her heroes and these two can surely add their talents to form a wonderful couple.

The stills show the leads arguing over something which is the age-old but trustworthy drama trope of hate-into-love and by the looks of it, Marry Him If You Dare doesn’t look like it is pushing the envelope in terms of innovative execution. Still, it looks zany and cute with a feel good vibe. I’m also having a sense of deja-vu here by seeing the second couple shot where they are standing with their backs touched as it reminds me of similar Sweet 18 poster with Han Ji Hye.

Marry Him If You Dare is about a woman who meets her future self and gets advised to not fall in love with the man who is actually her future husband (Did this description confuse you?). I hope that I’ll be having a ball while watching the show which premieres on 14 October, yes, right after one week. It follows Good Doctor on KBS.