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Marry Him If You Dare (or Mi Rae’s Choice) is premiering in few hours. Its preceding drama Good Doctor received good ratings and that way, it has a good possibility to take the rating baton from it. Also, the competing shows have mediocre to low numbers, so that’s advantageous for it. The show has old formula of romantic comedy repackaged with the twist of time travel. It tells story of a woman Mi Rae who seems to be at cross purposes with fate as she travels back in time to advise her former self to stay away from the man who is actually her husband (future one) and not marry him. She will also encourage her to start a relation with the other guy who is supposed to have a love line with someone else. Definitely messing on a large-scale. I’m all intrigued to think that despite all the warnings, Mi Rae will fall for her hero. I like that we will see the past portion as the present scenario (2013), meaning our drama will start and feature that period, unlike other similar shows which mostly show the contrary. And the heroine will meet her future self from 2038.

Lee Dong Gun, Yoon Eun Hye, Jung Yong Hwa and Han Chae Ah form the primary cast with Choi Myung Gil as future Mi Rae. It is set in broadcast station and looks perfect for a light, feel good ride. The posters are all bright, cheerful and filled with exuberance. Yoon Eun Hye did a melodrama as her last show and this is a major shift in tone but she is an experienced actor when it comes to rom-coms, having done Goong, Coffee Prince (hits) with Lie To Me, Vineyard Man and Take Care Of The Young Lady.

My favorite poster is the one which is a collage of all the leads, featuring their scenes from the show. It has a very slice-of-life feel to it that is really attractive. The other two are also cute and give the right feel of a funny show with everybody portraying their personality traits.

Marry Him If You Dare will air on Monday-Tuesday slot and the team behind the camera includes PD of Bad Love and writer of The King 2 Hearts and Beethoven Virus.

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