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New drama alert! But it’s a daily soap titled Melody Of Love (or Love Rides the Song) and will air from Monday on KBS. Daily shows can be addictive but require long commitment and hence I never even try one. But the biggest problem is that their plot moves like molasses in winter and has so many extra unnecessary characters. Anyway, this one looks rather sweet and cute if we go by the promo materials. Plus, it stars Baek Sung Hyun in the lead role who was one of the few best things about the disappointment called Big. Yay for his main lead role.

Melody Of Love stars Kim Da Som (of KPOP group SISTAR) as an optimistic and outgoing girl who aspires to be a musical actress and Baek Sung Hyun plays a lawyer. Fresh from completing her supporting role turn in Master’s SunHwang Sun Hee plays our heroine’s elder sister while Kim Hyung Joon (I Summon You, Gold! ) has the role of a musical director. The show basically centers around three families whose members learn to appreciate each other. It also explores the field of musicals which is refreshing to watch. This drama looks different from its other counterparts as it looks breezy, feel good and definitely far away from the makjang-ness that always comes along with these family daily dramas. It also earns brownie points for having two sets of OTPs which is one thing I always admire. In fact, I would have given it a try if it was not some 100+ episodes long.

Melody Of Love comes from the writer of I’ll Give You the Stars and the Moon and PD of Love, My Love and Returned Earthen Bowl. It will air Monday to Friday with its first episode on November 4th.

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