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For Heirs, I went into unprecedented craziness for any live drama I’ve ever seen. Right from the time it was announced to this last week of its run, I madly anticipated each episode, searched even a teeny-weeny news about it (not a difficult task), kept in touch with anything Heirs related around this web world. The excitement to wait for another preview or episode, another round of stills, the ratings, everything made me a super active watcher for 10 weeks straight. It also made me enlightened with the fact that there are a lot more viewers out there than the ones I meet at my favourite place for anything Kdrama related. The inordinate number of views I get for any Heirs related post, soompi forums, blogs, ratings, information on popularity mania via news articles: everything told me that I’m not the only one who loved it and there are far more lovers than haters for it. Heirs was not a satisfying drama by any means narratively, but I totally enjoyed the journey and found enough bits and pieces to make it a fun ride. I threw logic and sense out of the window long before and just reveled in all the fun I got from watching Heirs. For a change, this was once in a blue moon case when the fangirl in me got the better of the normal viewer in me. I liked many characters and actors here, but the major love comes for Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, who were simply cute together. I can never get enough of them. The only silver lining with the ending of Heirs is my return to sanity. LOL.

As we are nearing the end, just to reminisce the memories, here are lots of behind the scenes shots for the drama. The set is full of cheerfulness and camaraderie. Congratulations to the whole cast and crew who delivered a hit- rating as well as popularity wise after working hard continuously for four months.

I’m really gonna miss you all!!

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