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The new kid on the block Prime Minister And I aired its first episode yesterday and wow, it is so delightful. It masterfully blended comedy, romance and yes, heart. It is taking slapstick comedy approach and was quite funny with enough emotional ingredients to give it depth. I was already anticipating it as contract marriages are my favorite themes and the cast was awesome enough to rope me in.

What really surprised me was the opening scene which opens with our couple already married and then goes back to two months ago when they actually met for the first time and then we see all the events that will lead to their current marital status.

All characters are interestingly sketched with our hero being the youngest PM who is honest and righteous as well as considered quite handsome among females. He is a no-nonsense guy but not entirely cold. Then I loved the heroine who is ebullient and bold but innocent at the same time. There is the evergreen formula of the pair with opposite personalities and it is one of the main draws here. I’m so loving them and madly waiting for the sparks to fly. Lee Bum Soo sinks into his role with perfect ease while Yoona is cheerfully unpretentious and has a natural charm. Yoon Shi Yoon plays our hero’s staff chief and his character is enigmatic and it looks like he has more to him than meets the eye.

I like the fast pace of the show which doesn’t waste anytime and there is a feel-good vibe to it. Yes, the set-up is very fantastic and unrealistic but everything is played for the comedy, so it is insignificant to connect it with reality. There is warmth and lots of potential for interesting arcs for the OTP. The political background of the story never comes in way of its enjoyment and there was not even a single second where I got bored.

I’m so excited for the next episode.