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I’m amazed at how much happy Prime Minister And I makes me. It is straight forward romantic comedy and taking up marriage of convenience as its theme, it won my brownie points in no time. The whole scenario and the circumstances forcing the leads to get married may sound absurd and fantastically unrealistic, but as the show is going for all funny, I’ve no problem with that. It is surprising that it established the reasons so fast and effectively. And I love that the couple has respect for each other. They did start with bickering and arguing but finally in episode 2, both showed understanding and warmth for each other. That makes everything more interesting as now the dislike is not the driving force but a nice balance of clashing personalities but with understanding the goodness of each other. The drama is keeping the things light but not frivolous. The acting and chemistry are great with instantly likeable characters. Our PM is principled but thankfully not your stereotypical cold and arrogant hero. He shows care and affection when required. What do I say about Da Jung? She is full of energy and enthusiasm but without the clichéd weight of the candy-esque optimism. She is caring, quick-witted and I love her over-the-top imaginations.

The preview is here for episode 3 and I think a lot of things are in store for us. Marriage is happening (yayyyy) and with that comes all the crazy, funny, romantic and emotional shenanigans. Can’t wait!!

English translation (As played in the video):

Did you really want to change your fate so badly to a point where you’d throw yourself at him?

The Prime Minister is a man too.

Which is why he has fallen head over heels with my
youthful and fresh charm.

Do you still think Ms. Nam Da Jeong is a good woman?

A contract marriage?

Only until your term is over.

I don’t know! I don’t know!

I had no idea what a greedy person you were.
I don’t ever want to see you put on an innocent face again.

I’m sorry. I can solve this issue if I apologize like this, right?

I won’t do things like contract-marriage.

It’s not like we’d make child’s play. You know what that means, hmm?

Ms. Nam Da Jeong’s father has a brain tumor.

You aren’t getting married to the Prime Minister, are you?

Should I call it a case of national fraud?