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With almost all October premieres finishing their run, the new crop of dramas are here with all their promotions in full swing. I already started Prime Minister And I and I’m loving it. The next one catching my eye is Miss Korea which has dropped very beautiful and innovative posters, that has increased my excitement manifold. It’s a mixed bag of reasons for me to eagerly wait for it: firstly the actors that include Lee Sun Kyun, Lee Mi Sook, Lee Sung Min, then the concept of a band of men coming together to make a local girl-next-door into Miss Korea via beauty pageant in order to save their cosmetic company paints a delightful picture and finally the stills and promos. The poster consists of Lee Yeon Hee as someone like the belle of the ball and everyone else is giving their portion of assistance (albeit in a hilarious manner) to help her in her quest. The unique contrasting colors and atmosphere, not to mention the inherent comic touch is really refreshing. And our leading lady is really looking vivacious and gorgeous.

Miss Korea is penned by writer of Pasta and Romance Town which assures me of a light, cheerful vibe plus the direction is by PD of Pasta and My Princess, again the cute and peppy stuff. It also stars Lee Ki Woo and it’s funny that there are so many Lees here. The drama starts on December 18 on MBC taking over the Wednesday-Thursday slot from Medical Top Team which performed underwhelmingly in terms of ratings. Fingers crossed that this one will be as good as the posters. It will compete against You From Another Star, definitely a strong competition but my interest is already piqued by Miss Korea, so I can keep the other one on the backseat for now.

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