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With the year-end comes the award season for all three major TV channels and with it arrives the preemption of our beloved dramas. This week KBS’s Prime Minister And I will be airing only one episode today giving space for the 2013 drama awards where leading lady Yoona will be joining as MC along with Lee Mi Sook, Joo Sang Wook and Shin Hyun Joon. By the way, our lovely pair of Yoona and Lee Bum Soo is also nominated for best couple although it has only completed three weeks of its run. I hope they win as their chemistry is simply off the charts but these awards are all about ratings so chances are slim as there are many dramas which have already gained enough popularity for 2013 and our show has just started recently.

Anyway, Prime Minister And I is such a warm and ebullient show that it makes me look forward to each episode with lots of fondness. Plus, the awesome couple at its centre is the main attraction to eagerly wait for their lovey-dovey scenes and awkward romantic accidents or eye locks. Yul and Da Jung have such an amazing comfort level with each other which is another rare species of dramaland where the leads either bicker or misunderstand each other most of the times before reaching that emotional level of ease. Yes, these two also argue but that’s on normal, petty things but still, there is space for understanding and appreciation. And I loved how the drama didn’t make a fuss over a husband and wife, albeit in a contract marriage, sharing a bed.

Preview for episode 7 shows some ripple between the OTP as Da Jung unintentionally tries to get involved with things related to Yul’s ex-wife. Many theories are floating around about the possible connection of past for Yul and In Ho and I’m not that interested in it but waiting for the drama to unfold it as my priority is not at all about those hijinks.

Translation as the dialogues are played in the video:

I got the feeling that you thought of
Nam Da Jeong in a special way.

I’m just curious of the reason.

Please keep the Prime Minister there for 30 minutes. It’s important, so please, help me.

The Prime Minister’s office didn’t take notice, right?

It’s nice to see you smiling.
Why are you looking at me like that?

Sunbae, I don’t hate you. I just pity you

The one who’s been reporting to Minister Park,
is it you?

Why? I can’t do that?
What did you say?

Oh, thank you.
Is that all you can play?

About the thing that happened yesterday…

I’m sorry. It was my fault.

Do you think you’re the kids’ mother?

Nam Da Jeong really did the wrong thing, reminding me of my wife.

Prime Minister! Open your eyes! Please!
Prime Minister!

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