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I was on a trip for 2-3 days and hence, the inactivity of the blog. Anyway, I’m back!

Among all the upcoming shows, I’m super excited for the thriller Three Days as I like the cast, I like the premise, and I like Park Ha Sun. A few days back, rumor mill was filled with different news articles about leading man Yoochun considering dropping the drama, but finally with a sigh of relief the final news is that he is doing it. The rest of the cast includes Park Ha Sun (natch), Son Hyun Joo, So Yi Hyun and Yoon Je Moon; a solid acting ensemble by all means. The show is about the missing president, played by Son Hyun Joo, and his rescue in three days. Yoochun plays the presidential bodyguard, Park Ha Sun plays local police officer, Yoon Je Moon stars as chief presidential secretary and So Yi Hyun is the part of security service to the president. Yoochun played a detective in his last drama Missing You and that puts his role on similar lines but of course the genre and treatment will be entirely different here.

Three Days will take the slot of You From Another Star on SBS which is garnering great ratings that are increasing each week. Hopefully the drama will continue the winning streak of good ratings for Wednesday-Thursday slot for the network that started from I Hear Your Voice, continued with Master’s Sun, then came Heirs and finally YFAS. The show is penned by writer of crime procedural shows like Sign and Ghost while the PD directed highly acclaimed sageuk Tree With Deep Roots. The first script reading took place recently and here are the pictures of the same.

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