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Looks like 2014 will deliver a legion of rom-coms, which is always a welcome thing as much of my K-drama love comes majorly due to this genre. The new entry to join the list of romantic comedies Emergency Couple, You From Another Star, I Need Romance 3, Prime Minister And I (okay, this one started in 2013 but is running its another swathe in the new year as well), Could We Love, etc is the forthcoming MBC drama Cunning Single Lady, which has secured Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook as the lead couple to provide laughs and romantic giddiness. This pairing looks fresh as mint with Lee Min Jung being effortless in this genre while Joo Sang Wook mostly doing serious roles. I always love when actors divert from their usual roles and appear in lighter, funny projects (Examples: So Ji Sub in Master’s Sun, Cha Seung Won in Best Love) and this is one of the factors for which I’m looking forward to this drama. The couple looks right out of left field as I never expected them together, but definitely gorgeous and having the probability of being great.

Cunning Single Lady is about the second chance in love by a divorced couple but it is not as straight forward or dull as it sounds. Lee Min Jung plays a woman who believes in beauty over brains and Joo Sang Wook plays a genius IT developer who respects human relationships. After the divorce due to the immaturity, our heroine dreams of being in love again. One day, she meets her ex-husband who has now become a rich chaebol from his initial married days when he was just an engineer fresh out from college. She decides to seduce him again while he wants revenge from her. The clash of their respective schemes promises to bring hilarious and romantic shenanigans. I find it interesting and refreshing that we have a heroine who would be hard to like, quite opposite to what we are used to and it is up to the show to convince us to finally like her. Lee Min Jung’s last drama was All About My Romance which tanked with very low ratings while Joo Sang Wook had a great 2013 with two shows Ten 2 and Good Doctor that brought lots of love and praise for him. It will be exciting to see how their chemistry shapes here.

Taking over the Wednesday-Thursday slot after Miss Korea wraps up, Cunning Single Lady will start airing from February. The PD has shows like Me Too, Flower! and Queen Of The Housewives under his belt with new writer taking over the scriptwriting.