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After giving us cuteness and chirpiness, Prime Minister And I went into slightly serious territory this week. Of course, the warmth and cute is still there but the tone became sombre and thoughtful in episodes 10 and 11 unlike the preceding episodes of the drama. Let’s start with our couple first. The hug went to kiss in that hotel room but obviously it was for some purpose and mirrored the earlier attempt by Da Jung to prevent Yul from blurting out the secret of their contract marriage. They both argue and I just love all those flustered expressions of Yul mixed with awkwardness whenever Da Jung picks on his actions. But what we get is a new hairstyle for our PM and Lee Bum Soo already oozed charisma but with this, he looks a lot younger and hot! I just love how these two fight and then make up so naturally, the scene where they smile after Da Jung tries to hit him was lovely. I like that so many characters act as catalyst to bring the OTP close. This week two persons stood out: Da Jung’s dad and Yul’s driver. The latter prepared just the perfect place for the celebration of 100 days of their wedding and also the icing on the cake was a song by Lee Bum Soo. So romantic and so awesome! I loved how we got snapshots of all the moments spent by Yul and Da Jung together as they each reminisce them while the song playing in the background. Dad helped in bringing back Da Jung after a short separation from Yul. I think that phase helped in building up deeper feelings as both missed each other and realised what they are for one another. The angst has taken over the cute bickering and I want the show to finally make the OTP confess their feelings.

The interactions between Yul and the kids were funny and emphasised on how much they all miss Da Jung and how she has changed whole scenario of the house. And whenever I see that hairpin, I’m always reminded of You’re Beautiful (♥) and the fact that the non-living items can play such an amazing part in dramaland. I have a feeling that here as well, the hairpin will do something worth remembering for the OTP.

This week also threw light on the past events about Yul’s first wife and In Ho’s brother. I like that Prime Minister And I doesn’t contain a completely negative character. The antagonists themselves are mixed as each have shown some area of conflicting motives and vulnerabilities in them which make them more interesting as well as prevent them from going on the path of complete insane villainy: be it In Ho or Joon Ki. I also appreciate that Hye Joo has not taken the stereotypical second female lead path of trying to bring obstacles in the couple’s path. She is really honest, even confronting Yul to accept that he likes Da Jung.

The last part of episode 11 where Yul gets stabbed is nothing to worry about as the preview already showed him free from danger. I think this event will be a narrative opportunity to keep Yul and Da Jung together and if there are more romantic accidents, I’ll be all ready for it- with bells on!