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I went with dichotomy for penultimate week’s episodes of Prime Minister And I. On one hand, I was excited and giddy as our couple finally confessed their love whereas on the other hand, I was not at all interested in Na Young’ s story. Alas, we need a final obstacle and hence, all of us have to face that. I’m glad that the drama was clear from the beginning about this plot and it is not some last-minute inclusion and we were never given the run-around about it. I admit of not loving episodes 14 and 15 but they were fine enough as we got answers related to the reason for disappearance of Na Young and how she left her family in the moment of desperation. She is at fault for leaving them and not returning later as we have seen how much they needed her. Okay, her guilt didn’t allow her to return but still. Anyway, the drama continued to throw up priceless nuggets of cuteness between Yul and Da Jung till she found out about his wife being alive. Then came the noble idiocy. At least we are given proper and understandable reasons here as Da Jung herself relates to the feeling of kids who have spent their childhood without their mother. I loved In Ho as he proved to be such a nice guy by trying to help in keeping the happiness of Yul and Da Jung. Also, he realised about his mistake and was severely affected by it. Yul remains my favorite as he reacted to everything just the way his character has been carved out, be it trusting In Ho or running after Da Jung in the last scene. I simply love how he always thinks and cares for everything and everyone. I’m relieved that he found out about Na Young and now as only two episodes are left, hopefully everything will be resolved quickly to get some quality romantic scenes between our OTP. As for Na Young, I think the love between her and Yul ended years ago. Whatever may have been the reason, she already decided to leave him and kids for good and he has finally moved on from his past. Now it’s only the children she can have a connection with.

Preview for Episode 16:

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