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Yay. He is back with a new drama. Lee Jong Suk stole my heart last year. First as the calm and caring Go Nam Soon in School 2013 where he beautifully conveyed his emotions through his eyes and then as the adorable ‘head over heels in love’ Park Soo Ha in I Hear Your Voice. The year was great for him as his popularity rose to new heights. He also starred in movies and I’m glad that now he is returning to dramaland with upcoming SBS medical show Doctor Stranger. Now don’t let that boring medical drama thing annoy you because the synopsis looks a bit interesting with the term mystery embedded in it. It’s about a North Korean doctor who defects and starts living in the South. But as he is from a different background, he still feels as a stranger.

I know it’s a difficult task to imagine our cute Lee Jong Suk as a doctor BUT till date we have mostly seen him as a high school student, so it will be refreshing to see him doing something different as far as the career of a character is concerned. Another highlight about the drama is that the PD is Jin Hyuk who is known for some of my favorite and superlative shows like City Hunter, Master’s Sun and Shining Inheritance. The writer penned The Kingdom of the Winds and Conspiracy In The Court. Another star confirmed to costar is Park Hae Jin who is currently being a cutie pie in You From Another Star and he will be playing the role of a genius doctor. Park Min Young was initially courted to play the female lead but she has decided to not join the project. I’m really excited and this happens once in a blue moon when I’m actually anticipating a genre which is not my favorite. Doctor Stranger will follow God’s Gift – 14 Days on SBS (which coincidentally stars Lee Jong Suk’s leading lady Lee Bo Young from their hit series I Hear Your Voice) and most probably starts airing from April.