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Can you believe it? I didn’t watch even a single episode of any drama this week. Well, real life comes in between at one point or the other and this is that phase for me. Here is a summary of the week:

  • Prime Minister And I ended this week and it seems that this was one of those cases of coming in with a bang but going out with a whimper. I didn’t get the chance to watch it but I’ve read enough to know that the ending was LAME. I’ll try completing it next week.
  • You From Another Star marathon will begin next week as well. It might get an episode extension as only one episode aired last week.
  • So many premieres coming up! There are four of them which I’m marking to watch. But only 2 can be watched live. Decisions, decisions. [By the way, my choices are Full Sun, God’s Gift – 14 Days, Cunning Single Lady and Three Days]
  • I’ve dropped the idea of watching I Need Romance 3. The excitement has disappeared into thin air. Maybe I’m not much into the ‘urban rom-coms’ of dramaland a la I Need Romance variety 😉