My Drama Corner: Missed blogging!

Busy is the word that describes this week for me. I didn’t get time to post much and I think I posted only a single post since Monday!

  • The good thing is: I managed to complete Prime Minister And I (yay) and wrote its review as well. The ending did leave me a bit unsatisfied but not as much as I was worried about. In a nutshell, it was a cute and adorable drama and I loved it for most of its run.
  • Also, I watched one more episode of You From Another Star and that’s all I could manage with respect to dramaland.
  • Ghost-seeing Detective Cheo Young premiered on Sunday but I can’t watch it because there are no English subs. Ughhhh.

I really missed blogging this whole hectic week but now I’m back and hopefully the regularity of posts will return.

10 thoughts on “My Drama Corner: Missed blogging!

  1. kfangurl

    That’s not a bad drama week at all, considering how busy you are, snow_white!! You managed to finish watching a drama AND write its review, AND catch an ep of a currently airing show, AND put out this post! Not bad at all, I say! ^^ Fighting!!

    1. snow_white Post author

      Aw…that’s so sweet of you…actually the thing is…I have this habit of posting daily and three to four days without that feels like a long, long time…haha….also, I watched the episodes and wrote the review back to back in a single free day I got…so most of the days were without dramas and blog…and that feels like I’ve been without them for so long!
      But now that you mention it this way….it wasn’t a bad drama week actually… 😉

      Hey….you got a new profile picture!! Cute..

    1. snow_white Post author

      Now I’m free for lots of marathons…but there will be mixed weeks this whole month…. I’m trying to fit everything accordingly in my schedule: drama + RL + blogging 😉

  2. kelly199865

    Hwaiting! I think we can all understand you! I didn’t post for two entire freaking weeks because of my State Exams but I am catching up now. It is also hard since I watch lots of dramas simutaneously and it’s just hard to keep up with my posts. It will be worth it when you see that someone is reading your post and likes it or comments on it. Keep up worth the effort and I will be looking forward to reading more posts from you:D

    1. snow_white Post author

      Aw…that’s so sweet of you 🙂
      Yes…watching lots of dramas at the same time really makes it difficult to update on each one of them…that’s the reason I try to stick to at most 3 shows…
      Writing a post is purely for our pleasure but the number of views surely give lots of encouragement…I agree…and the comments make it all the more exciting….thanks for dropping by 🙂

      1. kelly199865

        No Probs;D I know how hard it is to keep blogging and the odd encouragement gives me strength to go on^^ I’m glad you like it~
        I’m watching 6 dramas now but I’m only writing on the ones I’m most interested in.
        Thank you for replying me and reading my posts:D

        1. snow_white Post author

          I liked your blog! I just discovered it….

          OMG!! 6 dramas…wow….my thoughts would be all jumbled up if I’ll go for so many shows simultaneously 🙂

          1. kelly199865

            I know right!? But you see, last year I watched dramas one by one and I ended up only watching 22 dramas in one year. I really want to watch more dramas but there are ones that are airing but then there are those that I didn’t watch last year and then there are also the classic must-watch kdramas that I haven’t seen. Aiigooo, so many dramas, so little time:(

          2. snow_white Post author

            You mentioned it so clearly: the currently airing ones, the latest completed ones and the classic older ones…haha…..*sigh…so many dramas, so little time…the story of every drama addict 😉

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