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You From Another Star is getting better and better with each episode. I love its quirky, funny, fast paced and endearing narrative with the added layer of thrills to make a great concoction. I never imagined that a fantasy rom-com of alien will have a murder mystery going with it but this combination is working very well to complete this story. Of course the main highlight remains the main love story and the murder or psycho killer plot looks secondary to intensify the conflict.

Chun Song Yi is such an awesome heroine and there is no way you won’t love her. At first, she seemed bratty heroine with diva attitude who might not be brainy but knows how to answer her rivals. As we move forward, we find that how vulnerable and innocent she is and has a good heart and intentions. And she is so lonely. The drama has given hints about the deep scar our hero got when he first arrived on earth in the Joseon era and with 6 episodes in, we finally see the tragedy he faced and why he fears to make connections with humans. Just imagine, how sad it must be to keep on living and losing all the people you know as they complete their life span. This makes the stakes so much high for our OTP as even if Min Joon has realised his love for Song Yi (yay), he has to lose her either way: if he stays on earth, she will be separated from him eventually as she is not an immortal being. And if he leaves after three months, well, that would be separation as well. I love the development between these two: how they are forced to live together (if only for a day), the way he shows reluctance to get involved with her but helps her nevertheless and how she keeps on prodding him with her cute and adorable manners. I appreciate that there is no confusion about Min Joon’s love for Song Yi and Yi Hwa. He sees them as different persons (though they are bonded by reincarnation) and has fallen in love with the former in the present scenario.

And I love Min Joon’s lawyer friend who takes so much fun in teasing him or seeing him doing unprecedented things for Song Yi. And I like that Min Joon can have a heart to heart talk with him. Hwi Kyung is also another adorable character who is hopelessly in love with our heroine and his office scenes are enjoyable, acting as perfect comic interludes. I would like if he ends up with Se Mi, who is another interesting character. I thought she is pitiful but now it looks like she will be having negative shades as she always had to be second fiddle in front of Song Yi.

I also enjoy all the thriller-esque scenes involving investigations and the killer-on-the-loose elements that are nicely woven with the story. I wonder why a man from a good family and reputation is secretly involved in this creepy business.

All in all, You From Another Star has an infectious charm. And yes, I love the funny epilogues which are like cherry on top of this delicious cake!