Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae reunite for weekend drama ‘Hotel King’


Wow. This is as rare as blue rose to see a leading couple acting together again in dramaland but here is a great news, especially for all die-hard fans of one of the most popular dramas My Girl, that Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae are reuniting for the new MBC weekender titled Hotel King. This is absolutely like a dream come true for fans as I have seen so many viewers who loved the couple to pieces. As for me, I really liked the drama a lot (which was written by my favorite Hong Sisters) and their chemistry was amazing as well. Apparently, Lee Da Hae has worked more than once with another of her costar Jang Hyuk: inย Chuno, Robber and IRIS 2. Now I want my Delightful Girl Choon Hyang reunion as well!!

Hotel King features Lee Dong Wook as a man who was abandoned by his father and now he is a cold person and general manager in a hotel where Lee Da Hae’s character is the heiress. She is a cheerful and bubbly girl. So we are having a bit of a switcheroo here as he played a hotelier in My Girl. Anyway, the hotel faces crisis and the two leads will together try to save it, falling in love in the process. Being a weekend drama, Hotel King is sure to have lots of episodes or at least more than the present normal count of 20 (oh where are the days when we used to have 16 episodes!) but I’m so willing to give it a try only because of the OTP. My Girl came in 2005 and it has been 8 YEARS since they appeared together. Their lovely pairing as well as the changes in them from those days (the older fashion, trends as well as the acting) till now will be another interesting factor to look for.

Hotel King will follow Gold Rainbow and premieres on March 29. The PD has shows like Just Like Today and Enjoy Life under his belt while the writer penned Feast Of The Gods. The other cast members areย Gong Hyun Jooย (Dummy Mommy) and Kpop group VIXX‘s N.

12 thoughts on “Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae reunite for weekend drama ‘Hotel King’

  1. missienelly

    But I don’t like Le Da Hae *cries in the corner*. I was pretty bummed and upset when the news broke early this week. Why why why? Maybe I should give My Girl a rewatch sigh

  2. evez

    …so this is definite after all…love to see them again in a drama, it is very rare for a Korean celebs to have a come back pairing and this one excites me..My Girl became popular here….i want to see if they’ll surpass the chemi thing they had as a screen partner before…:)

      1. evez

        ..yeah, i miss a lot from this blog…RL situation that is…but i have never forgotten this site…nice to see new posts!…

    1. snow_white Post author

      Weekend dramas are always a difficult journey to take…they are very long and predictable….and my past experience says that I should not watch them solely for the actors….but still, I’ll keep an eye on this one…if only for the OTP of My Girl…

      1. kelly199865

        I’ll try to squeeze in some time for this but since I’m watching another long, 50-episodes drama (Empress KI)now I doubt I’ll have the time. I wish I can be like Do Min Joon so I can freeze time while I watch dramas. Then I can literally finish every single drama in one day. *sigh* Why is fantasy so sweet and reality so harsh?!!


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