Here is my second installment of the Liebster Awards. I’m really thankful to all my blogger friends for nominating me and I greatly enjoyed all the questions. For the first part of my Liebster Award post, go here.

The Rules

  • Each nominee links back the person who nominated them.
  • Answer 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.  See below.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

yeonheeminoz from Minoz Forever

List your top 10 Korean dramas from 2013-Now? (Order them randomly, and it would be great if you add why for some of them.)
Master’s Sun (magical pair), Dating Agency Cyrano (the giddiness I felt for Lee Jong Hyuk and Sooyoung’s love line), Two Weeks (so simple and yet so gripping—both emotionally and in thriller sense), School 2013 (the bromance and feels), Incarnation Of Money, Prime Minister and I, You From Another Star, I Hear Your Voice.

If you were to live the life of any KDrama character, which character would you choose and why?
The supporting character who helps to unite the main couple. Also, I can have a love line with the second male lead. LOL.

What’s the most annoying thing that you probably see or hear in every KDrama?
The annoying in-laws, the clinging and obsessive one-sided love of antagonists, wrist grabs, misunderstandings/ wrong timings, the heroine doing crazy things after over-drinking.

An adorable phrase or word a character said very frequently?
Hmm. There are lots and lots of them.

You’re the director of Man from Another Star and Kim Soo Hyun is already taken by another drama. Which actor would you choose and why?
Won Bin. Because I want to see him in a drama and it would have marked the small screen comeback of two elusive stars, sort of like a one-two punch.

What are your top 5 scenes from currently airing dramas?
Many scenes from YFAS, PMAI as they are the only ones I recently watched.

What’s your recently favorite OST song?
I liked Step from Prime Minister And I OST.

What’s your idea of an ideal drama? Tell us the story and you may do the casting.
Best Friends get married due to family pressure and then they fall in love. Or the success story of an underdog.

Lee Min Ho in Faith, Lee Jong Suk in I Hear Your Voice, Kim Soo Hyun in Man from Another Star… There are a lot of super powered characters in dramaland. If you were to have only one of those super powers, which one would it be and why?
Teleportation. I can go wherever and whenever I want!

yupkigirl from Orange Jasmine Purple Yam

Tell us a bit on the name of your blog.
Well, I tried lots and lots of names but all were taken so finally this one sealed the deal. Basically I wanted a name that instantly describes my blog. Simple and straight.

If blogging is going to be outlawed (not that it will happen) and it’s going to be your last post, what will you write about?
A list of all the dramas that I love to pieces and why. Plus, a detailed story of how I came into dramaland. And all the positive points of drama watching.

Which character in a film or drama is closest to your personality?
A mixture of lots of characters actually.

Name your most favorite place.
Home sweet home!

When was the last time you laughed so hard tears were coming out of your eyes?Watching a Friends episode. I’m currently watching it, so like one or two days back.

chocokokoro from Picture Perfect Paradise

If you could write the script for a drama, what would it be about?
Best Friends get married due to family pressure and then they fall in love. Or the success story of an underdog.
What is your favorite genre of dramas and/or movies?
Romantic comedies & mystery thrillers
Has an OST song ever made you shed tears? If so, which song(s)?
The instrumental Bonbon O Chocolat from My Name Is Kim Sam Soon OST.
What one scene in any drama/movie have you ever wanted to happen to you?
All the romantic, swoon worthy scenes!
What motivates you to keep blogging?
My love for dramas, writing and the readers.
Do you have any other obsessions beside watching dramas?
Lots—movies and reading are the prime ones.
Does anyone you know in real life know about your life as a blogger?
Yes, my family knows that I write about Kdramas but I haven’t told them the name of my blog 😉
What song do you have stuck in your head currently?
Every time a new one comes on my mind.
If you could replace the leading lady/guy in any existing drama, which drama would you pick and why?
Level 7 Civil Servant. I haven’t seen that show but I think the couple didn’t have chemistry from what I saw.
How has watching dramas changed your life?
It has become a part of my daily routine to either watch or write about dramas. Reading all my favorite blogs is a must. I also get a lot of feel-goodness by watching dramas, and they help in lifting up my mood up. Also, I got to know about a new country and culture.
Gabby from Happy Memory
If you could travel back in time, what would you like to change?
 Time Travel dramas have shown us more than once that the change can have drastic consequences. Lessons learned. 🙂
Do you have any plans to learn the Korean language? If you have already done so, do you have any tips on how to improve your Korean language ability?
Actually I don’t have plans in the near future but I would love to learn it later. I’ve only learned many words by following so many dramas.
Which actor/actress/singer would you like to meet in this lifetime?
Ha, SO MANY—Lee Min Ho (actor), Gong Hyo Jin (actress) and Jung Yong Hwa (singer).
hjlyon from Heidi’s Kdramaland
What is your favorite genre of drama and why?
Romantic comedies because they make me feel giddy and swoon with excitement and make me happy basically.
List 5 of your favorite actors/actresses and tell us what you think their strong point is.
Gong Hyo Jin-natural and effortless acting.
Shin Min Ah-so graceful, beautiful and natural in her acting.
Lee Seung Gi- great comic timing and cuteness.
Lee Min Ho- because he is Lee Min Ho!
Jae Hee- he won me over with his infinite facial expressions in DGCH.
Jo Jung Suk- he is so adorkable.
Kim Myung Min- he is terrific actor.
Gong Yoo- nobody can portray ‘totally smitten by the girl’ and ‘in love’ expressions better than him.
Park Ha Sun- she is really pretty and girly.
Jung Ryu Won- effortlessly charming.
Kang Ji Hwan- his ability to melt into his characters.
Kim Rae Won- he looks so warm and a perfect choice for ‘guy-next-door’.
What is your most hated dramaland cliché?  There are a ton, have fun!
The annoying in-laws, the clinging and obsessive one-sided love of antagonists, wrist grabs, weepy heroines, misunderstandings/ wrong timings, the heroine doing crazy things after over-drinking.
Pick any drama you didn’t like the casting choices for (or at least most of them) and recast it.
Level 7 Civil Servant. I haven’t seen that show but I think the couple didn’t have chemistry from what I saw.
Favorite drama hero or heroine and why.
LOTS of them.
What genre of dramas can you absolutely not watch.
Family makjang dramas that are very long.
Is there an actor or idol that you would love to spent just 10 minutes with to give them tips to help them with their career and what tips would you give?
I think all of them are doing great in their own respective ways.
What drama would you love to re-write and what changes would you make?
Coffee House. I would change the OTP.
What OST is the best, in your opinion, of any currently airing or past drama ever?
Best Love, Dalja’s Spring, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, Fugitive Plan B, Master’s Sun, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. These are the ones where I liked more than 2 songs from the OST.
What are your favorite drama websites for either video, news, fangirling, etc.?
zhaoul from Kdramadreamer
Which manga, anime, book or popular movie would you like to see turned into a Kdrama?
My Little Bride and with same actors!
If you were asked to play a part of an English actor in a Kdrama, who would you want to act with?
Lee Min Ho
Which older actor who usually plays a supporting role do you really enjoy watching?
Kim Gab Soo, Lee Mi Sook, Kwon Hae Hyo. 
If you could kiss any Kdrama actor, who would it be?
This space is not enough to write all the names. LOL.
Who is your favorite Kdrama actor who is also a Kpop star?
Lee Seung Gi…he is a singer.
Can you speak Korean?
When was the last time you watched something that wasn’t Korean or Tawainese or Japanese?
Today…Friends. I also watch lots of movies as now I’ve got a control over my K-drama watching hours.
Have you made a lot of friends through blogging?
Yes, one of the best parts of blogging!
Do you think your Kdrama obsession will cool down, stay the same or get worse?
I think it will cool down, it already has since the first time I started watching in 2011. But it will never stop.
On average, how many hours do you spend a week watching Kdramas?
Depends. If I’m marathoning, it’s more. But if there is live watching, something like 6.
simplykrazed from Kdramakrazy
Who is your biggest kdrama crush and why?
Lee Min Ho. I find him really charismatic.
What was your first kdrama you have ever watched?
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang.
Are you out of the kdrama closet?( do people know of your obsession with Asian dramas?)
How did you get into blogging?
I watched My Little Bride and in my search for more K-movies, by chance I found the world of dramas and after watching my first one, there was no looking back! I love how these dramas make me happy. Blogging started after getting inspired from so many blogs and I wanted to write my thoughts on it. Earlier I started as I loved dramas but now I love writing as well.
If you could hang out with a kdrama character who would it be?
Enrique from Flower Boy Next Door or Min Young from Dating Agency Cyrano.
Have you ever tried making Korean food after watching a kdrama?
I’m a vegetarian so I haven’t really tried anything except ramen. Haha.
Have you ever been to Korea?
Is there anything that annoys you about kdramas?
The annoying in-laws, the clinging and obsessive one sided love of antagonists, wrist grabs, weepy heroines, misunderstandings/ wrong timings, the heroine doing crazy things after over-drinking.
What other shows/movies do you like that aren’t Korean?
I love Friends. And there is this loooooong list of movies that I love which aren’t Korean as I don’t watch K-movies much (I find them very weird).
Drama Fan from Stuck On Hyuk

If you are going to a desert island, and you can only take 3 k-dramas with you, which will they be and why?

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, You’re Beautiful and Best Love as they all make me HAPPY.

You are on the same desert island and you can make only three k-hotties to come spend time with you. Who will they be, and what would each be in charge of? (Who would do the cooking, etc?)

Lee Min Ho, So Ji Sub and Gong Yoo. They can decide the work among themselves.

I (DramaFan) am still not familiar with Kpop. What is the one korean singer I must definitely listen to, and which are his/her best songs?

We are on the same boat. LOL. But I love Big Baby Driver.

The next time I go to a korean restaurant, what should I definitely order?

I’m a vegetarian!

What was your first Kdrama crush?

Kim Rae Won

What is the maximum number of episodes you have watched in a day? (Gumi: My record is 14, it was when I was on a Chuno run:P)

5 to 6.

Which is the Kdrama cliche you just can’t stand?

Annoying in-laws and clinging second leads.

Which is the Kdrama cliche you actually enjoy?

Cold hero who changes after falling in love.

Who is your favorite korean actress?

Gong Hyo Jin, Shin Min Ah and Park Ha Sun.

Tell us your favorite Kdrama OST

Best Love, Dalja’s Spring, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, Fugitive Plan B, Master’s Sun, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. These are the ones where I liked more than 2 songs from the OST.

And now the nominees for my Liebster Award:
The Questions:
  • What is your all time favorite movie and TV show? (outside K-entertainment)
  • Your favorite drama under following categories—rom-com, melodrama, thriller, family drama.
  • your dream pair?
  • rainfall or snowfall?
  • your favorite romantic drama cliché.

14 thoughts on “THE LIEBSTER AWARD (Part 2)

  1. Drama Fan

    Congratulations on your multiple Liebsters 🙂 Very well deserved. Thanks for giving one to our little blog and I can’t wait to answer your questions 🙂

  2. Caitlyn

    I love that you picked a couple to replace from a show you haven’t watched, ha ha. You’re right, they had no chemistry, it was terrible. Also, hell yeah for teleportation, that’s totally the super power I want as well!

    And… Lee Seung Gi fans represent!

    1. snow_white Post author

      Haha….actually I didn’t like the pair right from the day it was cast 😉 Did you watch that whole drama!?

      Lee Seung Gi is really CUTE and I love his comic timing….

      I know! teleportation would come really handy…haha

  3. Pingback: LIEBSTER AWARD | FanGirl

  4. apqaria

    Congrats and it is really great to read all your answers ^^ And thanks for the nomination, it makes me so happy and I will delightfully answer your question really soon 🙂

    1. snow_white Post author

      Loved your answers 🙂

      But SKKS is not a melodrama….!! Haha…

      I especially love the answer for rainfall: “There is nothing better than listening to the rain while reading a good book and drinking a cup of coffee”…Ohhh….this is simply perfect…

      1. Jaime the Drama Noona

        It isn’t? Well drat, dramafever has it labeled that way, silly dramafever. Then I’ll change my answer to You From Another Star, because that’s the only other show I’ve watched that is labeled as a melo. I’m not sure why I haven’t watched more, but there it is.

        Rainy days where I can stay inside and curl up under a soft blanket, read, and sip coffee are my most favorite ever!


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