Paints and colors with Jung Ryu Won for March issue of Vogue Korea


My Name Is Kim Sam Soon was the first time I watched Jung Ryu Won and the first thing that came to my mind was how thin she is! I liked her there and the song picturised on her in it, Farewell without Farewell, is one my most frequently played songs and I love it to pieces. Anyway, the likeness for her turned into full-blown love after her charming performance in King Of Dramas. I think she is very natural in her acting and effortlessly cute. She also brings cheerful energy in a drama. I have heard that she is stunning in History Of The Salaryman but I’ve yet to see that awesome drama (which also stars another actor that I love, Lee Bum Soo). Her last drama Medical Top Team was disappointing in terms of ratings as well as viewers’ interest and she was in talks to join Kang Ji Hwan‘s upcoming show Big Man (which would have made me as happy as a kid when he gets a candy) but finally she didn’t join the cast. I really hope she’ll sign on a drama soon and that it would be something I’ll be looking forward to with lots of enthusiasm

Jung Ryu Won is featured in the March issue of Vogue Korea and the pictorial promotes her upcoming survival program Art Star Korea where she will be the host. The serial is about discovering next big artist and premieres at the end of March. The pictures are full of colors and paints and I like them as they are certainly refreshing from the usual photo shoots we see where the artists simply pose and smile, with not much new to offer.

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16 thoughts on “Paints and colors with Jung Ryu Won for March issue of Vogue Korea

  1. lynette31

    I love her! She’s an effortless actor and a little quirky in looks and behavior which makes her unique in a cookie cutter industry.

  2. Drama Fan

    I loved her in History of Salaryman. Also, to this day, my favorite Lee Boom So character and drama. They had great chemistry and the drama is very original and fun

    1. snow_white Post author

      I watched Lee Bum Soo for the first time in the recent Prime Minister And I and was totally amazed by his charisma….I can’t wait to watch History Of The Salaryman….in my next marathon session, I’ll make sure to make it the first choice 🙂

      1. Drama Fan

        Oh he didn’t do much for me in PMAI but I thought he was a lot of fun in History of Salaryman. Very different characters though. And don’t forget to watch Thank You (yup I’m going to nag you till the end of days lol)

        1. snow_white Post author

          Aw..I loved him in PMAI…haha…that means he would be super awesome in HOS…..

          LOL….yes…definitely gonna watch Thank You….I haven’t seen any Jang Hyuk drama yet (of I’m sowryyyyy ;))…which I should have done considering the fact that he was one of the earlier K actors I came across after watching him in Please Teach Me English and I was surprised to find later that he is known more as an action and serious actor as he was totally cute in it!!

          1. Drama Fan

            Well Jang Hyuk is very versatile. Not everything he does is serious but I guess people associate him with his most iconic role which would be Daegil in Chuno. Of course being his super fan I will not be objective lol but you should give him another try. I think Thank You is a good way because despite it touching a sad subject it does it with warmth and humanity and it is not as melodramatic as the synopsis suggests. It has great humorous and heartwarming moments. The drama itself is beautiful not just Jang Hyuk in it :p (that was me attempting to be somewhat objective lol) Take your time but do try it please. I would love to read your thoughts on it.

          2. snow_white Post author

            Aw…I know he is versatile as I found him totally CUTE in PLTME and then when I read the reviews and watched MVs for Chuno, I was amazed to see how different he was in them! Yes…mostly people remember Chuno role as the iconic one but I’ve read lots of good things about Thank You as well, and I’ll make sure to watch it soon….and he is the only actor for whom I’ve seen so many blogs dedicated to Plus, he is in the favorites list of so many people….simply wow 🙂

          3. zhaoul

            I agree with drama fan. You really should watch some jang hyuk and thank you is a great way to be introduced to his dramas. This drama was the first thing I watched him in and I’ve been on a jang hyuk binge ever since. He’s gorgeous and extremely talented. I would love to hear your thoughts s after you watch it too please.

          4. snow_white Post author

            So many Thank You recommendations….now, I’ll have to watch it pretty soon… 🙂
            I found him adorable in Please Teach Me English and I can’t wait to see another side of his acting and TY seems perfect for that….

  3. zhaoul

    I really like her and these are really nice photos. I thought she was fantastic too in king of dramas. She’s quirky and fun and has a unique look and sense of style.

  4. evez

    i have seen her first in MNIKSS…she’s so young then and so lovely and ….i had fun watching KoD she’s just so fun…but the recent drama she starred with KSW in MTT didn’t do well in the ratings but i find her good enough in that drama…


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