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My Name Is Kim Sam Soon was the first time I watched Jung Ryu Won and the first thing that came to my mind was how thin she is! I liked her there and the song picturised on her in it, Farewell without Farewell, is one my most frequently played songs and I love it to pieces. Anyway, the likeness for her turned into full-blown love after her charming performance in King Of Dramas. I think she is very natural in her acting and effortlessly cute. She also brings cheerful energy in a drama. I have heard that she is stunning in History Of The Salaryman but I’ve yet to see that awesome drama (which also stars another actor that I love, Lee Bum Soo). Her last drama Medical Top Team was disappointing in terms of ratings as well as viewers’ interest and she was in talks to join Kang Ji Hwan‘s upcoming show Big Man (which would have made me as happy as a kid when he gets a candy) but finally she didn’t join the cast. I really hope she’ll sign on a drama soon and that it would be something I’ll be looking forward to with lots of enthusiasm

Jung Ryu Won is featured in the March issue of Vogue Korea and the pictorial promotes her upcoming survival program Art Star Korea where she will be the host. The serial is about discovering next big artist and premieres at the end of March. The pictures are full of colors and paints and I like them as they are certainly refreshing from the usual photo shoots we see where the artists simply pose and smile, with not much new to offer.

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