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Episode 3 of God’s Gift – 14 Days was simply amazing. It sealed my love for the drama by being totally gripping from start to finish. All the back stories of our characters came into light and the main action has started with full swing. I like that the drama has that balanced pace where we get slow moments that emphasize the emotional value of a character while the narrative also takes a fast speed whenever the thrilling movements come into picture.

Last week we left with three people going on the path of death—Soo Hyun attempting suicide, Dong Chan being thrown into the lake (all tied up) by the goons and his brother getting a death sentence. As Soo Hyun reaches the bottom of the water body, we see a green light penetrating through the surface and reaching her. And she wakes up and finds herself outside the lake. Turns out, she has transferred back in time, 2 weeks or 14 days before he daughter Saet Byul died. Understandably, nobody believes her—her husband as well as the detective and her first love Woo Jin. But all other things happen exactly like how they happened in earlier time line. I found it really interesting that Dong Chan has also travelled back in time with her, a new feature added as far as time travels go as only one character journeys through time in the sea of time slip shows we have seen so far. I like that this is one thing the leads share and it helps them to be assured that there is one more person to understand them when all other might think them as crazy.


I liked the whole arc about how Dong Chan initially rejected Soo Hyun’s request and it wasn’t money that compelled him to join her hands. He was partly motivated by the good person he is and partly by his desire to prevent his brother’s death which is indirectly linked with the death of Saet Byul. Also, we could see that why he quit being a police officer and also that he was A-list at his job.

God’s Gift – 14 Days maintained its chilling atmosphere this time as well. I creeped out with Soo Hyun when Saet Byul disappeared from that picture and that whole cafeteria sequence really scares me.

I liked that we didn’t see that straightaway Soo Hyun started working on protecting Saet Byul by facing the murderer. She started off by running away like any normal person would do under such circumstances. But it was later that she became determined when she realised that the fate cannot be changed just by escaping from the danger but one needs to face it in order to win a situation in one’s favour.

I found the scene between Soo Hyun and Young Gyu really endearing when she gives him new shoes and tells him to take Saet Byul and run and also when she says sorry to him. This is how a person’s perspective changes when he or she sees the extreme things that can happen in life.


I love that now the protagonists have teamed up to save Saet Byul, even the minions of Dong Chul are involved and I love it when any drama or movie involves team work in investigations. I totally enjoyed the scenes of Soo Hyun going from one club to another and searching for the right woman who might be the victim. It is not only her daughter she wants to save but also others and that says a lot about her being a good person. The tension was build up nicely and I was on my toes watching her as she was approaching her task. It did bother me how nobody was picking up their phones at the crucial moment (a minor plot error) but I liked how we ended up in a tensed cliffhanger.

Jo Seung Woo really shined in episode 3. I always knew he is a brilliant actor but he really upped his performance with this episode.