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On the heels of I Need Romance 3. tvN is bringing another noona romance to replace its time slot and this time we have Uhm Jung Hwa as the noona and Park Seo Joon as her leading man. This will be a small screen comeback for her after 5 years as her last venture into dramaland was The Man Who Can’t Get Married in 2007 that also starred Ji Jin Hee and Yoo Ah In. She mostly appears in films and I found her really cute and adorable in the only thing I’ve seen her in—Seducing Mr. Perfect—a light and fun rom-com after which I was head over heels in love with Daniel Henney. LOL.

Anyway, the title of this latest anticipated show for all noona-romance-lovers is A Witch’s Love and it revolves around a single lady who has scars from her past relationship as her boyfriend left her before they were about to get married. She pours herself into work (she is a news reporter) and yes, this is the standard workplace and noona romance story that we have seen n number of times. Park Seo Joon recently starred in Warm Words (he has also acted in dramas like Dream High 2 and I Summon You, Gold!) and he will be playing a bright and passionate young man who juggles between different part-time jobs and his past relationship is also a painful one as he lost his girlfriend in an accident. Basically it is a romance where both the leads help each other in healing their wounds. Our heroine’s ex-boyfriend is played by Han Jae Suk (Oohlala Couple) and he left her due to certain misunderstanding but now returns and both men will compete for her affections. I’m really amazed at how much stereotypical this plot and characters sound and it will be interesting to see how the show will make it refreshing by adding some new flavours of its own. After all it’s tvN we are talking about and that makes me hopeful about it. A Witch’s Love is the remake of a Taiwanese drama called My Queen (2009).

Another great thing about A Witch’s Love is that the PD directed last year’s masterful drama Heartless City. The drama starts from April.