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AWESOME. Simply awesome!

Episode 4 of God’s Gift – 14 Days was masterly crafted—and ended at a point where I don’t know what’s gonna happen next. It’s more like a point where other movies or dramas end but in this case we have 12 episodes left or in drama’s terms 12 days. Wow, I never expected them to take this kind of turn but that’s what is the secret of an awesome thriller—you keep guessing and then they will bring a great twist!

There were many things to like today. I’m loving Soo Hyun and Dong Chan rapport—they trust each other and the affection is also building up gradually. I love how fast things moved today, the way our players joined hands to track down the killer and the whole last scenario kept me on the edge of my seat—really well done, show. With each step they were taking, I could feel the tension in that air.

Also, I’m glad our drama turned into howdunit instead of making it a serial killer mystery of searching him for the whole drama run or at least for larger swath of it. Once his identity was revealed, I thought only the viewers would be knowing about it and we’ll see how the leads find him. But then, the drama dropped another twist by the end when everybody saw his face, he was caught and then we see the murderer falling down that floor—now what next? It remains to be seen if dies but I think he will and that opens up more questions as it may turn out that Saet Byul was not killed by that serial killer (who killed the three women) after all. Somebody used his name as a disguise to kill her. But who will gain anything from it. Also, I think there is more to Soo Hyun’s husband than meets the eyes—as was also hinted when Dong Chan remembered his face from some past incident.


The drama is doing a great job in weaving a thrilling as well as emotional roller coaster ride and I’m amazed with the way the show ended on a note which again opened the gates of more puzzles.

I did feel that Dong Chan became a bit careless at times—leaving the second victim and later, going for that parking thing—considering the fact that they are facing a very grave situation, he could have been more careful. But then, this is a drama we are talking about where we still have so many episodes to go. This minor complaint aside, I like that God’s Gift – 14 Days always makes space for endearing moments even in its tension filled world of high stakes—like the scene between Saet Byul and Dong Chan, or the one where Dong Chan encourages Soo Hyun to think positively as they were able to change things, even if very minutely. On a bonus, we got to see Lee Bo Young‘s smile today, if only for a brief second. I loved how badass and impulsive Soo Hyun was today and it also helps that the background given to her character (of a broadcast writer that works on crime stories) makes her way of dealing with this danger more believable.