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I’ve been traveling from 2-3 days and that explains the relative silence on the blog. But now I’m back and here is what’s going on in my corner:

  • God’s Gift – 14 Days: Simply amazing. With 4 episodes done, I’m in love with it and its characters. It runs with totally unpredictable plot and I love the acting as well. Watch it!
  • Three Days: only managed to watch the premiere episode till now. Will catch up the rest now (that counts to 3 in total). I liked it. It was slower at the beginning but then picked up pace finally. And I’m loving Park Ha Sun here!
  • Cunning Single Lady: dropped after 3 and a half episodes as the story and motivations of the characters were looking all over the place and quite unclear and most importantly, I was getting bored (though I enjoyed the first 3 episodes).

That is all for my drama week. How was it for you guys?