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ajh oya

The one show I’m eminently excited about is the forthcoming cop drama You’re All Surrounded. And I have a boatload of reasons for that— the one-two punch casting of Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi (who can trigger hilarious moments individually and together as well), the plot that involves a coming-of-age feel and also the potential for lots of bromance and forming a beautiful collage of emotions ranging from fun, romance to heart warming feels. As stated earlier, the drama revolves around the new recruits in the police department and after confirming Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara as the newbies, we have another addition in the main rookie group of four and he is Ahn Jae Hyun. I admit to not being too enthralled by him in his initial scenes in You From Another Star (he played Jeon Ji Hyun‘s brother if you haven’t seen the drama yet) except finding him cute but then, as his screen time increased more and more and his persona got adorable (all with his E.T. affection and being so respectful towards Do Min Joon, it was such a delight to watch and one of my favorite things in the drama), I fell in love with him and I’m happy that he will be joining You’re All Surrounded. His character will be at odds with Lee Seung Gi’s and he will be mature and easy going (quite opposite to our hero and also, to his own role in YFAS). Yay for more bromance and team camaraderie!

Another actor signed on is Oh Yoon Ah as our senior cop Cha Seung Won’s ex-wife who is also a detective and is bold and charismatic. She reunites with him after being transferred (so another second chance in love?). I admit that her negative role in Incarnation Of Money is still stuck in my mind and it’s hard to imagine her as the love interest for our hero, but she also showed varying shades there as she managed to make her character vulnerable and that means, she will be brilliant here as well. On the upside, I’m glad that we’ll be having two sets of couples. I can’t wait for this couple’s bickering and rekindling of romance. This drama is surely bringing in all my favorite drama shenanigans.

You’re All Surrounded will follow Three Days on SBS and premieres in April. Now I’m curious about who will be cast as the final member of the four cops in their 20s.