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I know I’m late to write my thoughts on Three Days which is well on its run with completing 6 episodes. Well, at first I was thinking of deconstructing after all the aired episodes but then that would have become a daunting task to accumulate so many things in a single post. So without further ado, let’s start.

Three Days is basically a political conspiracy thriller and I like the way the story is being told. Kudos to the writer for deftly handling so many characters and scenes that are tied through different timelines and situations. We do not get the clear and cut picture of what is happening— it is shown by peeling the narrative, layer by layer with each episode and series of flashbacks. The whole bunch of flashbacks might mildly frustrate some, but I actually think that they are very helpful for the complete comprehension of the plot. I like that we are not placed in the dark for long and all the things that are shown to us from the start have an importance, which we later realise or understand.

I like the lack of colours which help in increasing the intensity and atmosphere of the show. The quality can be seen from each frame. The characters as well as actors are spot on—our hero Ta Kyung is good at his job but has his limitations as well where he needs a cheat sheet to remember all security codes. He is built with miscellaneous purposes to achieve— saving the president, finding the truth behind his father’s death and also to clear his name. Then our heroine Bo Won is another great thing—she is fearless and impulsive with a passion for her job and also brainy. I like how they are working together. Then there are many more players who keep the narrative flowing smoothly with believability. I do feel that there are plot holes along the way—like when none of the agents are able to capture Tae Kyung or many small things here and there that do make me laugh due to the light execution of them. Also, I think the drama is comparatively slower as far as thrillers are concerned and also the tension is not very high and doesn’t keep me on the edge of my seat yet.

Action and thrills aside, the drama also portrayed some emotional and warm scenes—like the one with Tae Kyung and the president on the train. And also gave me creeps—when Cha Young comes out of her hiding place and the chief is waiting for her, when she thought that he went away.

I’m already invested in the story that looks interesting and has a room for lots of stakes, mysteries, action and adventure.

All in all, I’m enjoying Three Days!