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Yay! Kim Myung Min is back in dramaland! After enthralling me with his pitch perfect performance in King Of Dramas, he is headlining his next show called A New Leaf where he will be playing a successful lawyer who loses his memory after an accident and then the drama revolves around him trying to rediscover who he truly is. He is one actor who always slips into the skin of his characters and keeps on doing versatile roles with infusing each of them with right touch of believability and firecracker energy. What came as a bolt from the blue was the casting of his leading lady and she is Park Min Young— now this is one unexpected and unlikely pairing but I like it due to the very same reason. I find Park Min Young cute and bubbly and liked her a lot in City Hunter and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She is returning to the small screen after 2 years as she did Dr. Jin in 2012 and recently was in talks to join Dr. Stranger and You’re All Surrounded, both of which she didn’t take ultimately. I think this is one good project to work in.

A New Leaf will be based around a law firm where our hero is a genius lawyer who is extremely successful but also cold-hearted. He gets into an accident that leaves him with amnesia. Just when you started feeling knackered on hearing this last word, the story is actually quite interesting as Kim Myung Min’s character then turns a new leaf in his life as he tries to remember his past and reflects on his life. Kim Sang Joong (who was beyond reproach in City Hunter) is cast as the head of the law firm where the hero works and will clash with him later when his personality changes (making him more human and warm I guess). Wow, it is always great to see two amazing actors playing off each other as rivals (my recent memory reminds me of Kang Ji Hwan and Park Sang Min in Incarnation Of Money) and these two will really hit the ground running. Coming onto our heroine, Park Min Young will star as a woman from a poor background who graduated from a third-rate law school, and after much difficulty, becomes the intern in the law firm. She and Kim Myung Min will be at loggerheads in the beginning as she is an idealistic and honest person but later when he will lose his memory, they start to get along. I’m liking the plot and the set-up which seems to be incorporating emotional beats as well as warmth along with the usual legal drama shenanigans. But of course the actors are the main attraction for me here.

The drama will premiere on MBC after the completion of Cunning Single Lady as the next Wednesday-Thursday drama. A New Leaf comes from the script of the writer of shows like Golden Time and OB/GYN Doctors (both medical dramas) and the direction will be by the PD of Scandal and I Miss You.