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Spoilers ahead.


I knew that God’s Gift – 14 Days will again leave us with more mysteries and questions and the feeling that we cannot trust anyone here and it is too soon to relax that the killer/ kidnapper has been found. But nothing feels shoehorned here or hodge-podge as the writer knows where she is taking the story and what is to be the end game — like a fast car with an expert driver who knows just where he wants to go. Even if we have got all the murderers as the red herrings with respect to our main case, I do feel satisfied that these expeditions by Soo Hyun (I want to use ajhumma here as her name is not being used a lot) and Dong Chan have at least saved the world from two dangerous criminals. So as we move forward, unraveling more layers and mysteries, more other cases are being solved.

So Ji Hoon is a cheater— it came as a total surprise. I did have my suspicions regarding him but I was not clear how and it was definitely unpredictable that it was him who had an affair with Min Ah. Some theory can be concluded at this point— Min Ah is the mastermind behind the kidnapping as Ji Hoon asked her to abort her child. For revenge, she wanted him to lose his child Saet Byul. She might have taken assistance from that man (with that tattoo and bike). But it can also be another thing altogether which might be not connected to Saet Byul at all as our show loves to do that!

Dong Chan’s past is still not fully in front of us and shrouded in mystery (I’m using this word a lot with this drama’s posts) and I think that his brother might have taken the blame for his mother (as this resonates with this episode’s killer’s story about his father taking blame for him). I can’t help but feel suspicious about everyone in this drama’s world.


Lastly, I love Dong Chan and this love simply keeps on increasing with each hour I spend with this show. The way he applies brains and heart is such a treat to watch.