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I would never have felt so happy for Monday (as it comes after Sunday!) if it was not the time for a brand new episode of my current drama obsession God’s Gift – 14 Days. I think the show is very stingy in giving previews and we are left with uneasy tension of what’s in store till the next episode airs. I’m glad that we finally have a preview for episode 9! The drama has done a brilliant job in keeping the viewers hooked by tossing up surprises all through its course and they don’t seem deliberately put just to keep the show enigmatic. The story looks well established and clear in writer’s mind. And as we are moving forward with always ending up catching the wrong person, we also get a closure of the captured criminals’ cases. So it’s not like the efforts of our protagonists have all been in vain. Kim Soo Hyun’s impulsive actions are understandable as a mother cannot think of the pros and cons of an action when her daughter’s life is in danger. Dong Chan remains my favorite thing after the mother daughter duo and he has this rakish charm that makes me fall in love with him. There cannot be a better hero than the one who is equally intelligent and warm. The preview shows us (finally!) Snake’s performance as I was beginning to wonder if No Min Woo is just for a guest appearance in the show. Woo Jin has been a very lazy kind of detective till now but the preview shows him setting something on fire—so maybe he has some mysterious cards and secrets of his own, that can explain his very less attentive behaviour. Anyway, I’m really excited for the next episode.

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