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Lee Bo Young in the pages of March issue of Elle magazine

I love these pictures featuring Lee Bo Young in the March issue of Elle magazine and I love her hair! She looks so smart and graceful. I Hear Your Voice was the first drama that I watched her in (probably for most of the fans) and words are not enough to praise her strong performance there. It was a breakthrough year for her as this success followed a superhit weekend drama Continue reading

Lee Bo Young leads melodrama ‘Mother’ as it premieres today

One more Japanese drama remake is entering K-dramaland with the premiere of Mother. It starts today on tvN with Lee Bo Young (Wisper) headlining the main lead character. The original aired in 2010 and was highly acclaimed and won many awards. Continue reading

Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon reunite with legal thriller ‘Whisper’ for SBS

There was a time 2-3 years back when we had a deluge of reunions in dramaland with many actors reuniting and giving fans a dream come true situation. Reunions have been quiet from some time but we are going to see one soon as Lee Bo Young is returning to dramas and acting opposite Lee Sang Yoon — they both starred in superhit Continue reading

REVIEW: God’s Gift – 14 Days (2014)


God’s Gift – 14 Days is that perfect case of a drama that could have been an awesome thriller but then it did something terrible to tarnish most of its lustre. I’m actually having a polarised view — there were lots and lots of things that I loved and then there was this thing that I hated with the heat of a thousand burning suns. One thing is for sure: you’ll at least get a delicious treat while watching the awesomeness called Jo Seung Woo! Continue reading

God’s Gift – 14 Days: Final Week ~ What just happened!!!



Okay, I’m amazed how God’s Gift – 14 Days managed to plummet from “one of the best shows this year” to “one of the worst shows ever” status for me. How can these writers just throw cold water on the viewers’ face with their crappy endings. The final scene of the drama is simply a hard pill to swallow. I’m so, so enraged right now that I simply can’t express it here! Continue reading