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New month is here — and there are lots and lots of premieres around the corner. And this is the current status of my drama world:

  • God’s Gift – 14 Days is rocking my dramaverse right now. It’s thrilling and gripping, hitting all the right buttons of my mystery-lover mind and also, my shipping heart—Soo Hyun and Dong Chan should get together. Period.
  • It looks like I’m dropping dramas like hot potato as after Cunning Single Lady, I’ve also left Three Days, but due to many genuine reasons—firstly, I found it very slow-paced as far as the genre of thrillers goes, which kills the excitement I anticipate from such stories. The plot itself is moving fast but each scene takes its own sweet time to get delivered. Secondly, the agents are so incompetent and opposite of the word alert—they neither catch any culprit nor do they protect anyone properly. I can suspend my disbelief a lot but even then, their gestures look jarringly careless. Most importantly, the immediate urgent reactions are absent when any event takes place (like in that scene when they were taking the witness who gets murdered in the crowd— Tae Kyung is crying for ambulance but everyone is busy in their own world. Or the train scene when Tae Kyung is fighting one man at a time, I can clearly see the others just waiting for their turn. LOL). And lastly, the flashbacks, the whole plethora of flashbacks which initially looked very good but now it looks like every second scene comes under this category! So even my love for Park Ha Sun (who is outstanding by the way with an awesomely written role) and solid acting can’t compel me to continue this drama. I have many more options to utilize my hours efficiently. But all in all, Three Days is pretty entertaining.
  • I’m rewatching Rich Man, Poor Woman— a charming, cute little drama. Once again, I’m loving Oguri Shun who is simply awesome here.

And that’s all for now 🙂