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Well we don’t have much in terms of meaningful straightforward idea about what is going to happen in episode 13 for God’s Gift – 14 Days but there are enough scenes in the preview to deduce some of the actions that might take place tonight. Dong Chan, Soo Hyun, Woo Jin—all these three characters take most of the time in this preview with Grandpa, Ji Hoon and even Dong Chan’s mom taking the rest of the portion. The cliffhanger last week was quite scary (that’s not new for this show, right?) and I think our Dong Chan again came on time to save our heroine. Not that I’m complaining because they both form the balance in their heroic acts—at some places, it’s Soo Hyun who applies her brains and guts and at the other, Dong Chan does the same. We are closing in on unraveling the mystery behind all the events so far and the picture is almost clear in the jigsaw puzzle—the tattooed man was the one who took that 10-year-old picture and possibly the murderer. He was backed by some powerful person and put the blame on Dong Chan’s brother. And now when the evidence related to his crimes has resurfaced somehow (through Ji hoon), he is trying to destroy them by any means. It is the penultimate week for the show and I’m really going to miss this roller coaster thrilling ride of God’s Gift – 14 Days that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout its run from day 1. And the explanation to the time travel is still needed to be provided by the drama, along with the reason as to why that killer or Ji Hoon have become active again in relation to that case after so many years.


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