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Wow. Hyun Bin looks suave and oozes confidence in his first sageuk role. He looks every bit of the part. This is the first thing that came to my mind after seeing the stills and posters for the comeback project of the actor after his military service—the movie The King’s Wrath (or The Fatal Encounter). It stars him as King Jeongjo of Joseon who is surrounded by oppositions, conspiracies and threats due to the political ambitions of people around him. Jo Jung Suk (the actor who is known to steal the show in everything he works in) plays a deadly assassin sent to kill him.The story takes an interesting turn as the film takes place within 24 hours time period, thereby increasing tension and thrills as we’ll witness how the hero survives this fatal encounter. It is definitely refreshing to see Jo Jung Suk playing a negative role and well, I love him in anything he does. Jung Jae Young (Plan Man) is playing Hyun Bin’s trusted associate, Han Ji Min (Rooftop Prince) plays consort to Jeongjo’s grandfather King Yeongjo and his political rival and Kim Sung Ryung (who was awesome in Heirs) stars as queen mother determined to save her son. I think the film has it all—powerhouse actors, solid plot filled with lots of nail-biting tension and thrilling excitement. I like the overall vibe I’m getting from the promotional materials and the movie can be a compelling ride filled with urgency. Hyun Bin’s last acting project was the super-successful drama Secret Garden and as he has wrapped this movie, we can hope for another TV series from him, right. The King’s Wrath will be the directorial debut for Lee Jae Kyu who has directed TV shows like Beethoven Virus, Damo and The King 2 Hearts—another plus point for the movie. The King’s Wrath hits the theatres on April 30.

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