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I feel that the buzz around upcoming KBS revenge-melo-thriller Big Man has been faded a bit in the presence of other more anticipated shows round the corner (like You’re All Surrounded, Doctor Stranger, A New Leaf). The reasons might be attributed to number of factors—the generic plot, taking the place of rating-wise flop Full Sun, and a very late premiere. It is starting against the finale of Empress Ki actually, which is another risky step for the drama. Keeping these apprehensions aside, I’m actually looking forward to it with cautious optimism as I love the cast (that boasts Kang Ji hwan, Jung So Min, Daniel Choi and Lee Da Hee). I do remain indifferent to Lee Da Hee even if I liked her in I Hear Your Voice. But rest of the actors always give me that super-excitement to at least check their works out. Anyway, Big Man has a fantastical synopsis of Kang Ji Hwan being deceived by the rich family of Daniel Choi where they steal his heart in order to transplant it for Daniel Choi who is suffering from heart problems. Our hero then decides to seek revenge for the unfair treatment he received. Kang Ji Hwan will be appearing as a penniless orphan who lives a third-rate life as well as a suited chaebol, probably in the process of his revenge-mission. I’m expecting lots of intrigue and face-offs and thrills, so don’t let me down, Show. Lee Da Hee stars as Daniel Choi’s girlfriend but their love is not strong enough. She works in his group and also knows about the scheme of falsely stealing Kang Ji Hwan’s heart. Jung So Min plays Daniel Choi’s younger sister who is amused to find that the rough and unrefined person is now her eldest oppa. Big Man premieres next Monday and meanwhile, let’s have a look at the posters and stills, which are not very appealing and are lacklustre, but you cannot judge a book by its cover, right?

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