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jhw Queen In Hyun’s Man was all about colorful spring and rainbows and unicorns and butterflies and roses; and yes, a hero very different from the standard arrogant jerks we always get from dramaland —super intelligent, cool, sweet, thinks before acting and applies his own reasoning and understanding, caring and thoughtful. The show provided a couple — played admirably by Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na — as sweet as the perfume of roses with an electric chemistry that shined through the lovely series. It is one of the best time travel shows out there. Yes, the deus ex machina did make many of us dissatisfied a little but I accepted it because they got their happily ever after even if it made as much sense as a waterproof towel. Anyhow, the good news is that Ji Hyun Woo is back from his military service and he has already confirmed to star in his next drama called Trot Lovers. It will be a romantic comedy (YAY!) and has the most used premise of opposites attract as our hero will be a haughty and star musician who has no interest in trot music (which, according to Wikipedia, is recognised as the oldest form of Korean pop music) while the heroine will be the one who is totally in love with it and is actually obsessed with trot. The show moves forward with him helping her to become a trot singer. IU is in talks for the leading role — I like her but I’m not a huge fan but it will surely be great as she is a singer in real life too. Even though dramaland is filled to the brim with egotistic and jerk heroes, I think this is new for Ji Hyun Woo who has generally played warm and gentle characters. It would be fun to see him play something against his image. Trot Lovers will be a KBS drama and will take the Monday-Tuesday slot after Big Man wraps up and will start airing from June. On a technical note, the direction is by the PD of dramas like Dalja’s Spring and Pretty Man.