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A New Leaf gets better this week but first things first: Kim Myung Min is absolutely adorable in the form of amnesic Suk Joo! Just look at his carefree and innocent expressions on seeing Young Woo and Ji Yoon — priceless.


The show took a convenient path as Suk Joo is still intelligent and knows a lot about law even if unconsciously, except that he doesn’t remember anything about himself, family and friends. I like that in contrast to his earlier personality, he looks so relaxed and I do think that he must be having some back story that made him so practical and money-minded and devoid of any kind of emotions or ideals. And now those layers that were always there but got hidden will be peeled gradually in his new self. Maybe this is the Suk Joo he always was but then changed himself in order to deal with the conditions.

I’m liking the interactions between Ji Yoon and him — he is acting so sweet and cool while she is all amazed at this change and also seeing him all ignorant — I liked that office scene when they both worked together. I think she’ll tell him about his old self as then things will become more interesting. I’m really enjoying the interactions between Suk Joo and Sang Tae — they are hilarious together and I want to see more of that.

I like that Young Woo is calm about this whole situation but I still don’t understand him wholly yet. What is going on in his head — I know money and his firm comes first but how much does he care for Suk Joo beyond the professional territory — it is still to be seen.

The show is slowly making Ji Won’s presence felt by showing him in one or two scenes and I enjoyed the candid and light scenes he shared with Ji yoon. Maybe they will have a romantic arc later but I’m already rooting for her and Suk Joo (as that relationship is more interesting).

Now the things that made me sleep — the whole technical terms with respect to law and finance — that was so, so boring and incomprehensible. I tried to follow through all that but it was as difficult as reading a book written in Korean. And it was of not much importance and took more time than required. (Please tone it down!)

And if you are trying to be intelligent show, then why did you have a loophole — Suk Joo kept on wondering about whether he has a dog or not — but didn’t see that cute and warm photo placed there on his desk! Even if he is thinking whether he still has that dog, did it hurt the drama to at least give a scene where he sees that picture.

Anyway, these minor hiccups aside, I’m enjoying A New Leaf and can’t wait to see more.