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Fated To Love You is one of those upcoming dramas that occupy the top position in my priority list. It is set in a very classic dramaland premise with a jerk hero and a weak girl with very low self-confidence and no skills, education or looks. I don’t think that every drama out there should have a badass heroine, as we know even real life doesn’t always have them but I want the girl to grow stronger with the series because that is inspiring. I’m hoping that our heroine here will become a confident woman even if her initial description says otherwise. Anyway, the stills show both the leads in their cute appearance and I love it when actors try something different from their general image — Jang Hyuk has been doing more or less serious roles from quite sometime and it’s a pleasure to see him shed that image to do comedy and I’m really looking forward to his turn as the classic chaebol. The second leads Choi Jin hyuk and Wang Ji Won are talented as well and contribute in making Fated To Love You a drama worth watching. This K-remake of a Taiwanese show tells the story of two people falling in love after marriage and that is one major reason for checking this show as it ticks all the boxes of one of my favorite sub-genres of romance. In this particular case, our heroine wins a trip to Macau but then things get out of hand when she has a one night stand with the hero, leading to their marriage and eventually, love. Choi Jin Hyuk plays a caring person to her aka the perfect second lead while Wang Ji Won stars as a ballerina and fiancée to Jang Hyuk. I’m always amazed to see Jang Nara looking so young just like the way she looked 12 years ago when she worked with Jang Hyuk in their hit show Successful Story Of A Bright Girl (On an additional note, brownie points for the glasses because I love heroines with them!). I think there is a great dearth of rom-coms in my drama life since I watched You From Another Star but that too had fantasy and psycho killer. So my fingers are crossed that Fated To Love You will push all my rom-com buttons perfectly when it arrives in July after A New Leaf ends.

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