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From what we have seen so far in terms of promotional machine for upcoming Jo In Sung-Gong Hyo Jin starrer It’s Okay, It’s Love, it looks like it is aiming at turning the expected melodrama genre on its head and is actually a warm, fun, candid and flirty take on the story of love between a mystery writer and a radio DJ (that’s an offbeat combination) hero and a heroine who is going through her first year fellowship in psychiatry, and meets him as he suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. Amazing veteran actor Sung Dong Il plays Gong Hyo Jin’s senior and first love, Lee Kwang Soo is portraying a patient with Tourette Syndrome, Kpop group EXO‘s D.O. plays a high school student who is a huge fan of Jo In Sung’s writer and Yoon Jin Yi stars as a magazine journalist who goes to do an interview with our writer hero but ends up becoming his girlfriend. It was indeed unclear from the get go about the genre of this show — many expected it to be a melodrama judging from the writer and PD’s previous works. But I’m so happy to see the happy-go-lucky and upbeat peppy vibe in the posters and teasers. It is intriguing as we don’t know what to expect from the drama. I especially loved the group hugging poster that emanates lots of warmth and camaraderie. The romantic posters are a treat as well with both the leads looking great and comfortable and the cinematography is spectacular in some. It’s Okay, It’s Love hits the airwaves from 23 July after You’re All Surrounded wraps up on SBS. It remains to be seen if the drama continues the winning streak of the Wednesday-Thursday slot for SBS. Enjoy the poster and stills galore!

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