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Marriage Not Dating is one of those dramas that makes me so happy. It brings a bright smile on my face and leaves me wanting for more. Nothing groundbreaking in terms of plot or characters as such but everything is very cute, warm and hot! Ki Tae and Jang Mi continue their pretense of a couple in love but not willing to marry and blowing hot and cold, whether to end this drama or not. As Jang Mi got over her love and revenge feelings for Hoon Dong, it looked quite unnecessary for her to carry on the act but the added arc of her parents getting close because of her possible marriage/ relationship brings solid reason for her to keep on pretending that she is dating Ki Tae. Another sigh of relief came when it tuned out that Jang Mi’s friend Hyun Hee was actually getting close to Hoon Dong so that they can talk face to face instead of one running away from the other. Otherwise, it was a bit jarring to see her getting all attracted towards her friend’s ex who broke her heart. I do think that something will happen between them and Hoon Dong is actually one of the sources for comedy, his jerk behaviour notwithstanding, so I won’t mind that now.

This week brought a great contrast between our leads — she doesn’t want to be alone ever, on the other hand, he wants seclusion. And that bathroom incident brought an important fact to light — man is a social animal and he can’t remain alone. One needs others to share moments of happiness and sorrow and the whole logic coming out of Jang Mi’s past experience about the danger one can face without anyone knowing when he or she is alone, helped Ki Tae at the end. It was a nice way of making the point that people need near and dear ones. I enjoyed all the interactions between the two (Ki Tae trying to set up a bed situation or them peeling the chestnut or eating ramen or the way she explores his house, much to his annoyance) and we get some hints of jealousy on Ki Tae’s part with Jang Mi’s growing relation with Yeo Reum. I have a feeling that as Yeo Reum will keep on working with Se Ah to find out the truth about Jang Mi and Ki Tae, they are going to end up as a couple. LOL. Just my two cents!

We also find out why Ki Tae doesn’t want to get married. I was surprised to see his dad with the other woman but I have a feeling that there might be more to this than meets the eye. As all of the family members know about it. I loved it when Jang Mi sarcastically says that women can have all the duties but no rights. Also, the way she says that they made her do all the work like a family member but don’t want her to say anything like one. I did feel that Ki Tae should have taken her side but then, he is the one who wants the whole marriage issue getting closed once and for all. So it’s understandable that he remained quiet. What makes him very likeable is the fact that he is not overtly cold or harsh. I loved it when he says that he was the one who was drinking with grandma in order to protect Jang Mi. A small gesture but says a lot about him.

Now Ki Tae’s mom is about to meet Hoon Dong’s mom and that means she’ll come to know about the whole couple-act by putting two and two together. Let’s see what happens when she sees Jang Mi sleeping so peacefully at the restaurant besides Yeo Reum. Lastly, Yeon Woo Jin, you are so hot!