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Yay it’s Friday and that means time for another delicious episode of Marriage Not Dating. Among all the shows I’m watching, this is the one that makes me most excited for its next episode. It is funny, cute, charming and has that warm vibe that makes me tune for it each week. I love the OTP but of course they have not fallen in love yet but each of their scene gives me butterflies and I simply want them to spend more and more time with each other. Ki Tae and Jang Mi are the classic examples of opposite persons — she doesn’t want to be alone while he is a lover of privacy and seclusion. She believes in love and marriage but he loves his bachelor status. I think his aversion comes from two facts: seeing his parents’ almost failed relation and his own break-up with Se Ah. I’m sure that Jang Mi will gradually make him feel that he can have that second chance at love and that it is indeed a very beautiful thing. Jang Mi is a girl who wears her heart on her sleeves and I love her for that. Yes, she does receive disadvantages for that but she doesn’t regret and keeps on being hopeful. So the status quo in our OTP’s relationship is that she worries for him and he is confused about her and sometimes protects her and sometimes gets angry at her for being so foolish in her love matters.

We are getting two previews for episode 5 and they look so good from our couple’s point of view. They are enjoying a movie date, drinks, taking selfies and I think all this would be under the acting-as-couple contract but anyway, that will bring them closer! I think Yeo Reum genuinely likes Jang Mi but is killing two birds with one stone as he is also working for Se Ah to find out the truth about Jang Mi and Ki Tae. I do think that Jung Jin Woon has a very limited range of expressions (read smile) and I hope Yeo Reum will be in his limits and not impose himself on Jang Mi, as is hinted from the preview.

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