Updates on upcoming reunion rom-com ‘Discovery Of Romance’


The reunion trend continues with Eric and Jung Yoo Mi appearing in upcoming drama Discovery Of Romance (also called Finding True Love) and what makes this get-together fresh is the fact that their last drama Que Sera Sera was a dark, serious one and out-of-the-box as far as K-dramas are concerned, and on the other hand, Discovery Of Romance will be a romantic comedy and it will be intriguing to see these two being funny and flirty this time. They are playing exes who meet each other again — he plays the CEO of an interior designing firm while she plays a furniture designer. I didn’t write anything on the drama after the initial casting news but there are loads of updates since then and many more reasons added in its bag to make me excited. Sung Joon (I Need Romance 3) has been added to the cast as Jung Yoo Mi’s boyfriend, who will be playing a plastic surgeon with a warm and gentle persona, so basically equivalent to every second lead out there. Do we have any other type anyway? On the upside, Sung Joon brings lots of charisma and hotness to his role and I’m sure he will be amazing here. The second good thing is we will be having a second female lead (Yoon Jin Yi, Reply 1994) who will not be pining after the main hero but is actually in love with Sung Joon’s second lead from many years. Probably they will have a love line of their own and yay for that! Kim Seul Gi, who was absolutely winsome in Flower Boy Next Door, has joined as Jung Yoo Mi’s friend while Yoon Hyun Min (Witch’s Romance) will be playing a top plastic surgeon who is also Jung Yoo Mi’s childhood oppa. The drama comes from the team behind I Need Romance series but this time they have opted for KBS instead of cable channel tvN. Everything fits the bill for a nice, breezy rom-com with great cast. Plus, it would be wonderful to see Eric and Jung Yoo Mi playing different characters opposite each other than their previous outing together. Discovery Of Romance has started filming, so it’s good that it will have many episodes in the can till it starts airing after Trot Lovers finishes its run in August.


5 thoughts on “Updates on upcoming reunion rom-com ‘Discovery Of Romance’

  1. kdramame

    Its a dream come true >_< My love Eric and Jung Yoo Mi! I didnt like her as much in Que Sera Sera but I did enjoy her performance during I Need Romance 2. Theyre a lot older now so itll be interesting watching them act together as more mature, seasoned actors. Seems like exes meeting each other again is a popular theme in the kdrama world right now.


    1. snow Post author

      I know! so many shows are coming up this year with this plot of exes getting reunited…LOL…

      I liked both of them in QSS but Eric was simply superb there…I haven’t seen INR2 but she did make her character in QSS special even when it looked like the typical drama heroine role before…

    1. snow Post author

      Que Sera Sera was definitely atypical and was not for everyone….but I loved it…Eric was simply mind blowing there…it would be fun to see them together again but totally different than before!

      1. kjtamuser

        I have never seen her anything else so I am catching I Need Romance 2. Come to think of it I have only see Eric in QSS. As you say, it should be fun.


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