After 4 years, Rain returns to small screen with ‘My Lovable Girl’


I’m on top of the world right now because Rain is returning to the small screen! Yay. It has been 4 years since he last did a drama, which was the entertaining and fun ride called Fugitive Plan B. That drama was not perfect and very far from it but I loved it — it had thrills, heart, fun and great characters and camaraderie with brilliant soundtrack. And well, RAIN. After that 2010 drama, he went for his mandatory military service. After getting discharged, he released his album and filmed a Hollywood movie The Prince with Bruce Willis and John Cusack. I first watched him in Full House and was impressed by him, the disastrous wardrobe notwithstanding. Anyway, he will be acting in upcoming SBS drama My Lovable Girl, which was previously titled Song For You. I’m not too excited about the synopsis which says that he will be playing a music producer who is also the CEO of an agency. He has no interest in the world due to his painful past related to his first love and heals his wounds as he falls in love with younger sister of his girlfriend, who is also an aspiring singer. This is a very run-of-the-mill story line but I’m sure there will be more things attached as the drama progresses onto its final stage. The leading lady is yet to be cast. So start making the wish list! I have many choices but I’ll wait till the drama announces its heroine. Rain is one of those music idols who are great at acting as well. I was thinking that he would not do a drama for some time and I’m pleasantly surprised on hearing this awesome news. The team of PD and writer is also promising with shows like Scent Of A Woman and Dr. Champ under their belt. My Lovable Girl will finish casting by the beginning of August and will be broadcast after It’s Okay, It’s Love finishes its run, so that’s a long time till Rain graces my screen as the latter has just premiered this week. I’m excited!

3 thoughts on “After 4 years, Rain returns to small screen with ‘My Lovable Girl’

  1. kjtamuser

    Your comment about the fashion fails that Rain sported in Full House made me realize we are seeing similar clothing on todays stars. What goes around comes around…

    1. snow Post author

      LOL….actually I’m not that bothered by clothes in my movies or dramas….of yester years…because they remind me of a different period and what worked then (or not 😉 )

      These days we are seriously seeing all kinds of weird fashions….mostly for male leads….I can never understand why they don’t prefer wearing socks….and all those bright, colorful trousers and suits…and the hairstyles!

      1. kjtamuser

        Now that you mention no socks for male leads…
        I have noticed that in Trot Lovers both male leads do not wear socks.
        One of the male’s pant length is consistently above the ankle. I keep thinking why is he wear “flood” length pants?


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