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OCN is a cable network that has given us lots and lots of thriller shows (Vampire Prosecutor, Ten, Cheo Yang to name a few) and it is bringing again another crime thriller titled Reset which is premiering this Sunday as a weekly show with one episode each week. The drama stars Chun Jung Myung and Kim So Hyun in the lead roles. 2014 kick started with lots of drams of this genre β€” God’s Gift – 14 Days, Three Days, Gapdong etc and I actually grew tired of them pretty fast, and the current deluge of rom-coms makes me so happy that I don’t think I’m ready for another nail-biting journey right now. The plot is intriguing but sounds like “we have already seen it”. Chun Jung Myung plays a prosecutor who lost his first love 15 years ago when she was murdered. He now focuses solely on his cases with also hoping that he would find a lead in that older case. Just as the statute of limitations are about to get over, he finds some clue of the killer. Also, he meets a teenage girl who looks just like his first love. I think the set-up is pretty much loaded with many thrills and chills and if done well, I might give this a try for a change as my current plate is full of romance and fun (not that I’m complaining!)

Reset will be Chun Jung Myung’s first drama in three years as his last was Man Of Honor with Park Min Young that came in 2011. Kim So Hyun is one of the most talented and popular child actresses of dramaland and although the age gap between our hero and her would raise some eyebrows, I think they won’t be having any love line here as the hero loved her in his teenage and now, well she is still a teenager.

I can’t say I’m eagerly waiting for this show but I’ll keep an eye on this one. Check out the posters that are stylishly made but remind me of Gapdong‘s posters.

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