Drama Diaries: 17 September 2014

This week is a very stressful one due to some real life reasons and that automatically affects my dramameter but thankfully, I’ve only two shows on my current list. Let’s discuss it in detail:

Fated To Love You

I completed this show a week after it aired its finale. I loved everything about the ending — so much cuteness that it was more than enough to sooth my irritation because of our couple’s prolonged separation and of course, the noble idiocy. I’ll be posting its review very soon.

High School King Of Savvy

Still 5 episodes are left and I hope to strike this drama from my current list and shift it to watched one this week. It’s going great and I think I should soon pick it up before everything fades from my memory!

My Secret Hotel

I’m really liking this drama, its mystery, its characters but I need romance! Maybe this is the reason I’m not enchanted by it totally. The hour passes by in a nice way but there is no craving for the next episode. I hope they amp up the couple’s interactions. I like the detective though, who has a great combination of wits and humour. I’m on ep 5.

My Spring Days

I liked the classic feel I was getting in the first episode. There was a very sublime and warm vibe in its pilot episode. But the thing, that bothered me right from the time the show came to my notice, started showing its signs — the automatic development of feelings because the heroine has someone else’s heart. I want my characters to act and feel organically, not because of some special connection of this type. The scene where she wells up with tears on seeing her donor’s kids was enough to make my decision of dropping the drama cut and dried. But I have to say, Sooyoung is charming.

The rest

I’ve started watching American show Suits and I’m loving it a lot. So that explains why I’m taking so much time to complete my k-dramas. I’m eagerly waiting for today’s premiere of She’s So Lovable 🙂 Yay, Rain will be finally coming back!

2 thoughts on “Drama Diaries: 17 September 2014

  1. Caitlyn

    I have the exact same issue as you do with My Spring Days. I’ve watched all 4 episodes and I’m definitely continuing with it because it’s actually way funnier than I’d expected it to be, and it’s just a lovely enjoyable show. But I think they could very easily have all of the drama and romance and everything they already have without chucking in the heart issue. The few moments that that has come up in the drama, I’ve just thought “Urgh, no”. It’s just so stupid. The show is really good without that, but I can see that they’re gonna freaking make it a bigger deal later on, and that might frustrate me.

    1. snow Post author

      Yay that you think like that as well….I liked the overall vibe of the show a lot…not to mention the nice chemistry between KWS ans Sooyoung…

      It would have been great if we had the same premise minus the heart connection…alas…

      I didn’t want to continue because I knew I won’t like it everytime anything happened due to that heart…LOL


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