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I don’t regret watching one of most talked about shows (all for wrong reasons) Fashion King as it introduced me to Lee Je Hoon. Unfortunately, he went away from the silver screen due to mandatory military service and I was waiting excitedly for his return. He signed on the period drama Secret Door as his comeback project — I said yay that he would be doing a drama but then as you people might already know, I’m not a sageuk fan. I watch them only if they come with some added attractive features (like fusion sageuk, a rom-com sageuk, a fantasy sageuk—you get the drift, right?), otherwise they are not really my cup of tea. But many folks are happy and anticipating this drama so I guess it will receive plenty of love and audience. The drama also marks the return of powerhouse actor Han Suk Kyu to small screen and he reunites with Lee Je Hoon as they did movie My Paparotti together.

Secret Door has a very intriguing title with an enigmatic feel attached to it. But the story takes actual events of the conflict between King Yeongjo and his son, Crown Prince Sado. The former wished to strengthen the king’s rule while the latter believed in equality. History says that the father sentenced his own son to death and this drama will explore the mystery about it. Well, we’ll be getting a blend of fiction with reality it seems and the tone is definitely serious here. Same goes for the characters which are a mix of real ones and the fictional ones. The rest of the cast consists of Kim Min Jong (A Gentleman’s Dignity) as a fearless assassin, Park Eun Bin (Operation Proposal) as wife of the prince, Kim Yoo Jung (May Queen) as a genius mystery novel writer with an investigative mind and Choi Won Young (Three Days) as Sado’s closest supporter. The drama boasts a  very excellent cast and comes from the PD of Ghost and The Strange Housekeeper with Hwang Jin Yi‘s writer.as the mind behind the script.

Secret Door will start airing from this Monday on SBS with a 24 episodes run and taking over Temptation, which I heard was a very disappointing drama from all fronts. Yay that I skipped it despite my love for Park Ha Sun!

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