An unexpected jam from ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’ OST


I was never extremely excited for It’s Okay, It’s Love despite my love for Gong Hyo Jin because it was a melodrama and they are usually not my cup of tea. Add time constraints and it became easier for me to skip it than to pick it up and add another dish to my already full plate of drama delicacies. Anyway, viewers have mixed reactions about it so I can’t comment on how good it was. But there is one thing that has made me post about it. Suddenly one day came this song and MV from its soundtrack like a bolt from the blue and now I can’t stop pressing the replay button on my playlist when the number is on. The title for the song is It’s Okay, It’s Love and it’s sung by artist Davichi, which is actually a Kpop ballad duo. The song is very soothing, melodious and I love the way it transitions step by step from this slow, low-key tone to a heavier one. I haven’t seen the drama but the song generates so many emotional feelings — and I feel like I’m standing on a beach and waves are coming and going with wind in the background.

The drama received medium ratings and from what glimpses I’ve seen here and there, this is the first time I’ve seen Gong Hyo Jin with so much skinship and kisses and that too in a very comfortable manner. I wish Master’s Sun showed more of that. *sigh*

Check out the MV below and let me know about your thoughts on the drama as well as the song. I love the breathtaking cinematography of some scenes.

6 thoughts on “An unexpected jam from ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’ OST

  1. Indigo

    “This is the first time I’ve seen Gong Hyo Jin with so much skinship and kisses and that too in a very comfortable manner. I wish Master’s Sun showed more of that.” – Yeah, you and me both.

    I actually completed It’s Okay It’s Love yesterday and I can tell you that it’s not really a melodrama. Most of the time, it has a very light romcom-like tone and even the sad parts aren’t what most of us would categorize as melodramatic. In that sense, it’s a little bit difficult to say what kind of genre it is because I’ve seen romcoms that are more like a melodrama than IOIL is. So if that was what was stopping you from checking this drama out, then I can assure you that you don’t need to worry about that.

    I personally quite enjoyed IOIL. I wasn’t completely satisfied with everything, but it had an intriguing topic and definitely had a refreshing approach to the main romance. I didn’t love Gong Hyo Jin in this one too much though (her character was being a little difficult) but on the other hand I loved Jo In Sung’s performance.

    Anyways, I totally agree with what you said about Davichi’s song. IOIL actually has a really good soundtrack overall. There are quite a lot of English songs on the soundtrack, but also a fair share of Korean ones, and they are all very enjoyable (although the songs do get overplayed a lot).

    1. snow Post author

      That’s good to hear that it’s not a typical melo….even from what I read about it, it looks like a slice-of-life drama with lots of chemistry between the cast…the thing is that I’ve read so much about it that it has been spoiled for me and now I can’t watch it…at least for some time as I already know the ending and everything..

      I would love to hear more songs from the OST….looks like a great one…and when I’m loving it even when I haven’t seen the show, you all must be totally having a great time watching it…..

      It’s a favourite K-drama thing to overplay a song…LOL…they play it numerous times till the song makes a permanent memory in our minds (good or bad *cough*love is the moment*cough* 😉

      Yeah…I guess many viewers didn’t like GHJ’s character….but it’s great that you liked the show! I must say Jo In Sung looks really good in all the stills and MVs I’ve seen from IOIL 🙂

    1. snow Post author

      Really….wow…that’s a huge thing if it made it to your top 5….I must see it sometime later then….
      Yay that you loved the song as well! 😀

  2. simplykrazed

    I loved this drama. ^^^It also made it into my top favorites and I don’t really like melodramas either. The drama does have its share of comedy but I would definitely categorize it as a melodrama. The seriousness outweighs the comedy by a buttload. It’s a really good drama though if you haven’t watched it.


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