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And finally it’s here — Rain‘s comeback drama after 4 years has arrived to grace our screens with She’s So Lovable premiering this week and it is just as we all expected: a story with a very predictable plot and characters. In fact it doesn’t bother in giving any new spin or springing any surprises with it — there is a wounded hero, a candy heroine [not to forget, doing all kinds of part-time jobs, running from the loan sharks], a very annoying and insensitive second female lead, a rival to our hero who is there to create ripples in his professional life, conflicts between hero and his father, etc. What I can trace a bit different is that our hero is not some cold person or a jerk but is a warm one who has a very cute dog to make him more likeable. Then our heroine is not some meek or extremely plucky girl. She knows how to answer back and fight for herself. What really worked for me here was the fast pace with which the events happened, connection with the characters and that familiar yet comfortable feeling I got while watching it, something like when you wear your old jeans and it simply fits there comfortably. And yes, most importantly, RAIN!

The story so far tells us about the accident that took away our hero’s girlfriend from him while she was also our heroine’s older sister. Hyun Wook (Rain) was a famous songwriter back then but now lives in solitude with no desire for music or love. As I mentioned, Se Na (Krystal) struggles through life and aspires to become a songwriter. Events lead him to search for her as he thinks she is not living in good conditions. He finally meets her and then hides his real identity and tells her to work for him as his dog’s sitter. The dog has cancer. He is forced by his old friend Hae Yoon (who has feelings for him) to join his company as his father is very sick. Meanwhile, Se Na develops a crush on Hyun Wook (can’t blame the girl!)

ssl4Shi Woo (L) and Rae Hun (Hoya) are members of pop group Infinite Power under Hyun Wook’s father’s agency and they are definitely not on good terms. Shi Woo has an argument with Se Na and they start off having each other in their bad books. Se Na writes a song with an aim to reach it out to this agency’s main songwriter Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) but he steals and makes a new song for the group instead. Se Na is furious but he is all ‘do you have any proof’ and ‘go away’ and instantly becomes a despicable character. Hyun Wook sees all this and tells him that now he will be the new CEO there, finally accepting the post. Disheartened and with the pressure of loan sharks, Se Na is about to leave the city for good but at the end, Hyun Wook stops her and tells her that she is receiving the money for her song now. She asks him that does he like her?

I liked that the drama didn’t take too long in running around the circles about the secret of the ssl2connection between Hyun Wook and Se Na, at least from one side. I think it will take its own sweet time for her to know about it and of course, the consequent angst. There is no rocket science to figure out what’s going to happen next but still I’m curious about how the two of them will come together as he is only interested in her out of his care and love he had for her sister. I enjoyed all the blushing Se Na had while thinking about Hyun Wook, which I found a very natural thing. I thoroughly enjoyed her bickering relation with Shi Woo and found it a cause of victory whenever she succeeded in removing that smirk from his face. I can’t wait to see how he also falls for her.

I liked the chemistry between Rain and Krystal and all the scenes they had together — add the adorable dog in the mix and they all look picture perfect. Also, I like that they have this relation which is a combination of bickering and soft, sensitive talks.

sslOne thing working for Krystal is that in spite of her being a candy heroine, she still has that feisty attitude in her that she brings some added features to her stereotypical character. Rain brings his charisma and I always love his cute expressions. I seriously can’t wait to see them together in his company and how everything will turn out.

For now, I’m liking She’s So Lovable a lot! It’s an easy and enjoyable watch.