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I’m surprised at the smaller amount of dramas that I watched this year, only 6 to be exact and that is mainly due to two reasons — my real life got busier and secondly, I’ve become an expert at dropping dramas like hot potato. But I always look forward to the upcoming crop with the hope of sticking with another show till the end that can keep me hooked throughout. I’ve watched one thriller this year (that’s God’s Gift – 14 Days) and tried one (Three Days) and that particular phase was delivering shows of the genre left and right and I was in desperate need for something light and jolly, so I wanted to run for the hills on hearing about another thriller. But now as considerable time has passed, I’m ready to dip into Bad Guys, the newest crime thriller from the storehouse channel of the type, OCN.

Bad Guys is about a badass detective (Kim Sang Joong) who gathers together a team of bad guys to solve a case. The criminals working are played by Park Hae Jin, Ma Dong Seok (The Five) and Jo Dong Hyuk (Inspiring Generation). Kang Ye Won (She Is Nineteen) plays a female police officer working with them. Park Hae Jin is having a great year that kick-started with mega hit You From Another Star, then Doctor Stranger and now as main lead here. Wow, so many back-to-back dramas! I really like him and also the fact that he is playing against his usual charming, soft image. And I’m always happy to watch Kim Sang Joong.

As much as I’m intrigued by the premise, one thing that can make me stay away from the show is the explicit depiction of violence. I love action and all; but gore and graphic violence is something I avoid like the plague.

Bad Guys premieres this Saturday and will be aired once a week with a total of 11 episodes.

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