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It looks like it was only yesterday when My Love, My Bride, the upcoming movie starring Shin Min Ah and Jo Jung Suk, was announced and now it’s arriving on the silver screen this October. I love both of them a lot and their pairing is one of those that I didn’t imagine but it’s totally dream come true. If only this was a drama…*sigh*

The movie is a remake of a 1990 movie of the same moniker and starred Choi Jin Shil and Park Joong Hoon. The film is relevant today as well which tells a lot about the fact that human emotions are the same, whatever the timeline be. It is about a couple in love who gets married after their graduation from college. So basically the film starts where all other dramas/movies turn into happily ever after! After the honeymoon period ends, the couple starts realising that marriage is not all about rainbows and sunshine and issues of daily lives lead to the bickering. Of course, the film is a rom-com so we’ll be getting a cute fight with lots of romance as well. With time, both the husband and wife learn what true love is.

I think the subject is great as it tells the reality of married life which is full of ups and downs and requires a mature approach. As for the actors, I’m loving their dynamics in the posters and trailer. They look great together. My Love, My Bride is surely taking a light, comedic vibe and I think this would be a movie I want to watch as I’m not too enthralled by K-movies nowadays. It hits theatres on October 8.



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