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After all those complaints that I’m completely surrounded by dramas from head to toe, currently I’m watching only one drama (I know!) and eagerly waiting for lots of them. My feelings about She’s So Lovable (or My Lovely Girl) keep see-sawing with liking its predictable but comfortable tone in its first week, then being let down by the second week wherein nothing interesting happened, not to mention the lack of energy in the tone but finally liking it again after the third week as things started to happen. It’s a fairly easy watch which is by the book in all its aspects. But last week amped up the romance part with our couple of Hyun Wook and Se Na. She is clearly having huge crush and feelings for him and now he is also feeling something for her — the slight jealousy on his part when she is with Shi Woo, well, it could be his protective instinct as well, but still there is a thin line between both options. That staring thing at the party might be cheesy but I liked it. Another aspect that I don’t particularly find interesting but is satisfying is how Hyun Wook’s step mom is treating her cheater husband. I roll me eyes whenever Jae Young appears on-screen and Hae Yoon leaves me cold. She has not gone to the negative ville yet but my guess is we’ll soon be getting there, what with her jealousy taking roots after seeing how much attention Hyun Wook gives to Se Na. Shi Woo’s scenes are another fun element and I like his bickering-teasing relationship with Se Na. As for romance, I’m completely onboard Se Na and Hyun Wook ship as I like their scenes together— they have this cute relation where they argue but also have thoughtful conversations, and I can’t wait to see him fall in love with her.

The preview for episode 7 is here and I think Se Na is the kind of girl who will not keep her feelings inside and the last scene in the video actually shows her saying that she missed Hyun Wook! Let’s see what’s in store.